Eman Ahmed Abdulati, once known as 'world's heaviest woman' passed away in UAE on Monday at 4.35 am due to health complications. She underwent weight loss surgery in Mumbai and later shifted to Abu Dhabi for treatment.


She was under the medical supervision of a medical team of over 20 doctors from different specialities who were managing her medical condition from the time she arrived in the UAE.

She due to complications from the underlying comorbid conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction, at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The world's heaviest woman (at 500 kg) from Egypt had managed to lose 65 kgs after her treatment in the UAE, the Burjeel Hospital.

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Eman's family expressed their appreciation for the care and treatment provided to her by Burjeel hospital. They are also grateful to the rulers and people of the UAE for their support.

"Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family," said the hospital.

Eman Ahmed Abdulati was considered to be the heaviest woman in the world after Carol Yager. Her family hadstated that she weighed 5kg (11 pounds) at birth. After suffering from a thyroid problem, she had to stop school. 

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