For the first time ever, Marathi film lovers are in for a real scare. Yogesh Raut, director and writer of television series, 'Mano Ya Na Mano', is making a Marathi horror film called 'Episode 13'.

Episode 13 is based on real footage shot by a four-member crew of a news channel that was investigating about a family who had allegedly locked themselves inside their home for 8 years in a village in Maharashtra.

Yogesh is now looking to complete the postproduction of the movie. They are going LIVE on Wishberry soon to raise funds and have interesting rewards for funders.

Yogesh says, "There aren’t many horror films available to our audience and Marathi audience has absolutely nothing to explore in this genre. A moviegoer who buys a ticket to watch a horror film wants it to send chills down his/her spine. I think the biggest crime a movie of this genre can commit is not connecting with the audience."