Your move, Mr PM

Jul 20, 2012, 07:42 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Tata group Chairman Ratan Tata was a surprise trending topic following a letter he wrote to PM Manmohan Singh, exhorting the latter to restore government credibility and implement promised reforms. Bharti Singh tweeted: ‘I wish Ratan Tata would become the PM.’ Pranjal Sharma added: ‘Tata seeks committed decision-making instead of noisy, futile and destructive arguments on policy reforms.’ According to a certain Suraj, ‘Most industrialists say what advances their business concerns and Ratan Tata is no exception. A lot of businessmen have lost touch with reality.’ There was also this comment from News Laundry: ‘Ratan Tata tweets in PM’s support. Makes sense. You can’t be an entrepreneur in India without being an eternal optimist.’

New job description
Also making headlines was Rahul Gandhi’s decision to jump into active politics. Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted: ‘So Rahul Gandhi says he is ready for a bigger role. How about saying it on camera? And being a little more direct?’ Doctor at Large commented: ‘Rahul wants to play a proactive role in Congress affairs - now there is no chance for the Congress in the next elections.’ There was this from Purba Ray: ‘Rahul Gandhi is the best thing to have happened to the BJP.’ According to Geetika Rustagi, ‘He gets everything on a platter without doing anything. What a shame.’ Finally, from Faking News: ‘He has been misquoted. At the UPA dinner, he just asked for a bigger roll. Bread roll.’

Now you know
What do girls really hate? That topic was discussed for a while, prompting these among other revelations: ‘Being the third person in a relationship’, ‘being ignored by the ones they love’, ‘liars’, ‘guys who tell them to calm down’ and ‘fat thighs.’

The last word
From actor Anupam Kher: ‘Rajesh Khanna gave us a crash course in romance. He introduced us to a special twinkle in the eye that made us feel good about ourselves.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online

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