Yuvraj Kumar marks his debut with film on ISIS

Chulbuli Pandey

In a span of three years, a splinter group that phoenixed from the Arab Spring in Syria against the Assad regime, has proved to be a threat to humanity and the toughest blockade towards modern progressive democracy.

Rashid Naaz (left) and Yuvraj Kumar (right) feature in ISIS — Enemies of Humanity
Rashid Naaz (left) and Yuvraj Kumar (right) feature in ISIS — Enemies of Humanity

This small group is now a fully functional, well-funded and a complete authoritarian state known as the ISIS. Yuvraj Kumar’s debut film, ISIS — Enemies of Humanity as director-actor, looks into the indoctrination and the recruitment processes, the combat training camps and the minds that get brainwashed at the hands of the world’s most dangerous terrorist state or in the caustic words of their leader — The Caliphate. Artistes, technicians and writers from India and Pakistan have come together to work on this project.

The film’s poster
The film’s poster

Filmmakers from France, Poland, USA, UK, Ukraine, Nepal and Hong Kong are also a part this project, making ISIS — Enemies of Humanity an international film which exposes the threat to the world. The film also looks at the accepting and sympathetic majority, where preachers school the constructive antithesis of the teachings of ISIS against the backdrop of medieval hate and fundamentalism.

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