• 'Haraamkhor': Movie Review

    'Haraamkhor': Movie Review

    'Haraamkhor' is about the relationship between an oldish, married teacher and his teenaged pupil. How far will this film travel? Mayank Shekhar's not sure. But he feels it is, however, a very interesting take worth the big screen

  • Passengers: Movie Review

    Passengers: Movie Review

    A stylish, superbly designed sci-fi romance, this film is sparsely inhabited, located as it is in an outer space voyage by a spaceship expected to expose it’s 5000-odd hibernating humans (in pods) to a new beginning on a planet meant to be a new earth

  • A Monster Calls: Movie Review

    A Monster Calls: Movie Review

    Based on a pre-teen’s point of view, this gothic poem about grief is searing in it’s concentrated voyage through the 12-year-old’s aggrieved mind. This film is both beautiful to look at as well as beautiful in experience

  • 'Allied' - Movie Review

    'Allied' - Movie Review

    Though aiming for a 'Casablanca' type memorability, World War II tragic romance, 'Allied', has more style than substance working in it's favor

  • 'Sing' - Movie Review

    'Sing' - Movie Review

    'Sing' has a simplistic theme, the screenplay is conveniently stapled together, the animation is comely enough, humor is evidently non-existent and the songs and music are imminently forgettable. So when you leave the theatres you feel far more exhausted than amused

  • 'Incarnate' - Movie Review

    'Incarnate' - Movie Review

    Director Brad Peyton tries all the staple effects – a genre trademark of sorts, but none of it gets a rise out of us. If you are looking for intensity and gore you probably are in the wrong movie. Aaron Eckhart might have thought he had a potential franchise on his hands but doesn't look like this one is going to spawn any new surprises!

  • 'Assassin's Creed' - Movie Review

    'Assassin's Creed' - Movie Review

    For 'Assassin's Creed', the turgid, too serious treatment leaves you wondering how wildly implausible can an overactive imagination get. The screenplay may be faulty but the visuals are faultless. For the video game fans, this may be just what the doctor ordered, but for cinema lovers, it's just another convert that doesn't quite work!

  • 'Dangal' - Movie Review

    'Dangal' - Movie Review

    Aamir Khan brings the same earnestness to 'Dangal' as he does to even potboilers like 'Dhoom 3' or 'Ghajini. Your eyes hardly ever waver from the screen for 160 minutes flat, while you mildly laugh, go teary eyed, and on occasion even bite your nails, thoroughly enthralled

  • 'Wajah Tum Ho' - Movie Review

    'Wajah Tum Ho' - Movie Review

    Nothing clicks in 'Wajah Tum Ho'. It's a great watch only for those looking for cleavage shots of busty ladies heaving and all. We still objectify women - zoom into their butts and breasts to sell tickets. The actors do a flimsy job and the onion-like plot only makes you weep

  • 'Collateral Beauty' - Movie Review

    'Collateral Beauty' - Movie Review

    With a line-up of celebrated actors, one would have expected a humdinger of an impact from this movie. Unfortunately, this probable Oscar bait doesn't quite work up to scratch. For starters, the title is a misnomer. The makers explain the logic behind it, but it just doesn’t work

  • 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' - Movie Review

    'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' - Movie Review

    'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' is a war film where aggression rules. There's far more action in this one than any of the other Star Wars entities and it all plays out as a precursor to the very first issue

  • 'La La Land' - Movie Review

    'La La Land' - Movie Review

    'La La Land' might not have managed to hit the emotional complexity that director Damien Chazelle intended, but it certainly gets you a dazzling high

  • 'Befikre' - Movie Review

    'Befikre' - Movie Review

    'Befikre' is fun watch, even though it is a bit fuzzy. There is much brightness on the screen, and breeziness in the air. Many might find the film rather fickle. But, that's just the movie trying to reflect the lives all around us

  • 'Deepwater Horizon' - Movie Review

    'Deepwater Horizon' - Movie Review

    Though everything seems routine in 'Deepwater Horizon', there's enough human connect to keep the audience involved. Stunt work and CGI are top notch making this experience amongst the more fulfilling disaster movie experiences in the recent past

  • 'Underworld Blood Wars' - Movie Review

    'Underworld Blood Wars' - Movie Review

    The 'Underworld' series has seen quite a few resurrections and this, the fifth, is no different. During the 13 years since its creation in 2003, the 'Underworld' franchise has no doubt, had fiercely loyal fans

  • 'Moana' - Movie Review

    'Moana' - Movie Review

    'Moana' is traditional Disney, yet has a much more vaunted ambition of imparting life lessons -by going back in time, mining from the ancient folklore of Polynesian culture and myth, never seen before in mainstream Hollywood cinema

  • 'Kahaani 2' - Movie Review

    'Kahaani 2' - Movie Review

    Vidya Balan shines in 'Kahaani 2', a thriller set in a sleepy town called Chandannagar, off Kolkata -- effectively capturing the Bong milieu; art-directed, and shot like a slightly dystopian dream

  • 'Moh Maya Money' - Movie Review

    'Moh Maya Money' - Movie Review

    The no-frills approach in 'Moh Maya Money' makes it less enlivening. And it's ironic that a film that is trying so hard to be different actually ends up making the same mistakes that the Bollywood masala brigade has enshrined. It's a pity that neither the moh, maya or the money alluded to, is likely make you feel welcome for long

  • 'Dear Zindagi' - Movie Review

    'Dear Zindagi' - Movie Review

    Don't know whether the script's been through several redrafts, or there were too many second thoughts while shooting or editing this film. Throughout, it does seem like the filmmakers are holding back from saying something more. Or they just say it, and step back anyway

  • 'Force 2' - Movie Review

    'Force 2' - Movie Review

    Abhinay Deo's forte are thrillers, John Abraham spells action. The two have had a field day along with action unit and cinematographer. To give them their due, there are some well-crafted action scenes. 'Force 2' is high on style, low on substance