• 'Jackie' - Movie Review

    'Jackie' - Movie Review

    This is not exactly a biopic in the strictest of terms, it's merely an exhibition of trauma following JFK's assassination. In his effort to contain the spread of events, Pablo Larrain creates a soliloquy of repressed grief that is not easy to watch. So it's only Natalie Portman's acting skills that catch the eye in 'Jackie'

  • 'Lion' - Movie Review

    'Lion' - Movie Review

    Dev Patel, who plays a young adult in 'Lion' a film based on a true-life account -- Saroo Brierley's non-fiction novel, grappling with the duality of his unsure Indian origins, this is by far his finest performance yet

  • 'The Lego Batman Movie' - Review

    'The Lego Batman Movie' - Review

    'The Lego Batman Movie', the latest in a toy franchise based on 2014's 'The Lego Movie' doesn't have very much going for it other than its cutesy childish appeal. Its predecessor certainly had much more going for it

  • 'Silence' - Movie Review

    'Silence' - Movie Review

    Andrew Garfield sheds his Spider-Man garb to give us a performance that is charged with emotion and earnestness. Ultimately 'Silence' remains a powerful film -- one that deserves tremendous patience and understanding. You need to keep your faith in Martin Scorsese's abilities if you want to enjoy this one!

  • 'John Wick: Chapter 2' - Movie Review

    'John Wick: Chapter 2' - Movie Review

    Just when John Wick (Keanu Reeves) thought he'd earned his retirement, a former associate calls in his marker thus extending the hired assassin's career and generally making action genre movie watching a tiresome and un-enlivening experience

  • 'Hidden Figures' - Movie Review

    'Hidden Figures' - Movie Review

    'Hidden Figures', a stirring drama about three brilliant African-American women at NASA, who jostle to create their own space in a premier organization that was like many others, given to fantastic notions of white privilege

  • 'Moonlight' - Movie Review

    'Moonlight' - Movie Review

    'Moonlight' is a film for the purists. The aesthetics are perfect and the non-judgemental empathy and concern displayed here, creates a haunting aftermath- provided you are willing to sit through the unique experience

  • 'Irada' - Movie Review

    'Irada' - Movie Review

    'Irada' has an overcrowded plot with facile characters, and lacks both the required energy and depth of the subject. There are too many parallel narratives and Aparnaa Singh's limited directorial skills aren't enough to handle the snags

  • 'The Ghazi Attack' - Movie Review

    'The Ghazi Attack' - Movie Review

    If 'The Ghazi Attack' was elevated to IMAX, the experience would be even more immersive, and quite literally so. There's still very little happening below the surface so far as the script is concerned. The fact that the actors make their parts seem so phenomenally believable is a feat in itself

  • 'The Space Between Us' - Movie Review

    'The Space Between Us' - Movie Review

    Right from the word go, you feel for these kindred spirits. Their vulnerabilities and awkwardness only make them more endearing to the audience. So, in spite of going to unbelievable lengths to raise the level of challenges that the young couple must go through, it's quite easy to root for them

  • 'Rings' - Movie Review

    'Rings' - Movie Review

    A bunch of writers try to recreate the 2002 English language horror hit, 'The Ring' (based on Koji Suzuki's eponymous novel), which was a remake of the cult Japanese original, but it doesn't come close to either of the two chilling films

  • 'Jolly LLB 2' - Movie Review

    'Jolly LLB 2' - Movie Review

    Akshay Kumar's performance as Jolly can be termed his finest yet. This one captures UP in all its notorious glory, with goons, and guns and  is far more of a court-room drama, packaged as social satire, with comedy that’s subtly situational, rather than classic LOL stand-up stuff

  • 'The Great Wall' - Movie Review

    'The Great Wall' - Movie Review

    There's spectacle and craft to be had here. CGI is overwhelming. While the special effects are impressive they don't have a unique feel to lend to the experience. The writing doesn't allow for much attachment. And having a white man save the day for the Chinese is certainly not pluralism the way we'd like to see it

  • 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' - Movie Review

    'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' - Movie Review

    This virulently violent fantasy may have had it's origins in a game series meant for young teens but the way the franchise has turned out over the years – it's been running towards adult content all along. Since it's inception way back in 2002, the 'Resident Evil' film franchise has been scouring the Box office for guilty gains and obviously succeeded given that we are now in the 6th and final chapter of the series

  • 'Kung Fu Yoga' - Movie Review

    'Kung Fu Yoga' - Movie Review

    Trying to seriously deconstruct, decipher 'Kung Fu Yoga' plot is a lot like discussing politics over a drink, with close friends whose world-view you can't get -- nothing will change, you'll only end up destroying an evening

  • 'Raees' - Movie Review

    'Raees' - Movie Review

    Shah Rukh Khan-starrer 'Raees' is so over-packed with material that either 148 minutes of this film will seem too long to you, which it is; or in fact far too short to patiently absorb the incredible story without the audience feeling slightly hung-over by a breathless narrative-overload

  • 'Kaabil' - Movie Review

    'Kaabil' - Movie Review

    Hrithik Roshan brings earnestness to the role of an under-stated yet raging blind man in 'Kaabil'. There is a lot of realism missing in what's supposed to be a gritty thriller. But if you were to keep your eyes glued to the screen right down to the climax, you won't be disappointed

  • 'The Bye Bye Man' - Movie Review

    'The Bye Bye Man' - Movie Review

    This Stacy Title directed cinematic adaptation by Jonathan Penner of Robert Damon Schneck’s horror pulp fiction titled “The Bridge to Body Island” is nothing but a repetitive saga of gore fashioned on the premise that people are susceptible to repetitive forebodings of a sinister nature

  • 'The Founder' - Movie Review

    'The Founder' - Movie Review

    A biopic that hopes to give the audience a deep insight into the life-and-times of the McDonald's founder has gotten most of its facts right but unfortunately it prefers to be conciliatory rather than aggressive in its approach to charting this unauthorized cinematic biography

  • 'One in a Billion' - Documentary Film Review

    'One in a Billion' - Documentary Film Review

    The director sets the narrative in the form of a thriller taking us all the way to a down-to-the-wire moment and it works. Notwithstanding that minor hiccup over language preferences, this documentary on Satnam Singh Bhamara is fulsomely appealing and is sure to hold you in thrall!