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Mumbai crime: 21-year-old buys mangalsutra for Facebook friend, then rapes her

Updated on: 13 January,2014 11:25 AM IST  | 
Sagar Rajput |

They had known each other for the past 5 months; he promised to marry the 17-year-old from Goa, bought her a token mangalsutra and forced himself on her, then abandoned her in Sion

Mumbai crime: 21-year-old buys mangalsutra for Facebook friend, then rapes her

After falling in love with a Facebook friend, a 17-year-old Goa-based girl last Tuesday arrived in the city to meet him. He stayed with her for two days at a friend’s house, forced himself on her after a sham marriage ritual, and left her near Sion station. Medical reports of the survivor revealed that she was raped before being dropped off.

Murtuza Hasani (21) has been nabbed. Pic/Siddharth Dhadve
Murtuza Hasani (21) has been nabbed. Pic/Siddharth Dhadve

According to the police officials, the accused, Mohammad Sirtaj Ali Murtuza Hasani (21), was in touch with the survivor through Facebook over the past five months. The girl claimed that she came to Kurla on Hasani’s instructions.

An officer from Kurla GRP said, “The minor and Hasani fell in love through Facebook and were in contact since August. They eventually decided to meet each other, after which the girl arrived in the city on January 7. Hasani had even come to Kurla station to pick her up, and he then took her to his friend’s place at Dharavi.”

The cops said that he went to the friend’s Dharavi resident on January 8, and after telling her they would get married, started forcing himself on her. But Hasani alleged that he intended to marry the 17-year-old girl and had asked his friend’s family to let her stay with them for a few days.

“But the girl was hesitant. She asked him to marry her first, after which the boy went out and got a cheap mangalsutra. He asked her to wear it, and said the two were now married and then raped her,” added the officer. Hasani then asked her to head back to Goa, claiming he would visit her soon and meet her parents with a marriage proposal. “He left her at Sion station. The girl had nowhere to go, and sought help from a passenger, who told her to report to the Kurla GRP,” the officer said.

On January 9, the survivor went to the government railway police, who contacted the Goa police, who confirmed that a kidnapping complaint had been registered with the Goa local police station. The GRP also sent the girl for a medical examination, which revealed that she had been raped before the accused left her at Sion station.

“The girl wasn’t saying anything except for the fact that she is from Goa. After the medicals reports disclosed the rape incident, she opened up and divulged everything,” the cop said. Senior Inspector Shivaji Dhumal formed a team consisting of Inspector Pramod Babar, PSI Ramesh Sankpal and constables Datta Konde, Salvi, Chavan and Satish Pawar, who traced the accused and arrested him from his Mankhurd residence,” said another officer.

The GRP officials are expecting the Goa police to come to the city tomorrow and register a kidnapping and rape case, and take the duo with them after officially arresting the accused. The girl, meanwhile, has been staying at the children’s remand home since Friday.

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