• Aditya Sinha: Congress needs Mrs Rahul Gandhi

    The only thing that could pull Congress out of Rahul's dud leadership is a wife who’ll twist his ear and tell him what he's doing wrong

  • Fiona Fernandez: More stories from the Grand Old Man

    As the 184-yr-old Central Library reopens, it's a golden chance for the powers to imbibe civic sense and create a buzz that draws in the citizen and the tourist alike

  • Dharmendra Jore: The migrant who turned Mumbai around

    The ruling saffron's blue-eyed boy, CM Fadnavis, has justified his party's faith in him since taking charge

  • Director Akshay Marwah to have destination wedding in Abu Dhabi

    Looks like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have officially become the top location for big fat Indian destination weddings

  • Devdutt Pattanaik: So many mothers, and tongues

    The devas were threatened, as usual, by the rise of yet another asura. This time it was Taraka, and he was exceptionally powerful. He had declared that only a six-day-old child could kill him.

  • Paromita Vohra: Vote for vote

    For a few years now, the act of voting has become a style statement. Newspapers ritually carry a photograph of some celebrity showing us their voting finger with its ink stain. Social media updates have become mandatory, also sometimes accompanied by a picture, some of direct, some artful

  • Rahul da Cunha: Hashtags and Haruki Murakami

    So my mother calls me from her landline. My mater and I rarely communicate by mobile – largely because her handset is a Nokia 1300, once used by the Nazis in World War II. There are only two left in the world. She possesses one, the other is exhibited in the Berlin War Museum

  • Meenakshi Shedde: To London, to see the Queen

    The Master of the Household has received Her Majesty's command to invite Ms Meenakshi Shedde to a reception to be given at Buckingham Palace by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, to mark the official start of the UK-India Year of Culture, on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 6pm," read the invite

  • Sumedha Raikar-Mhatre: The fearless Muslim

    Four decades after his death, Hamid Dalwai's essays on Muslim politics in India are being reprinted as one of the few texts that show how a secularist can address orthodoxy without worrying about political correctness

  • Lindsay Pereira: Hello, is it vote you're looking for?

    I have nothing against people who ring my doorbell and chat for two seconds to bag my vote. I mind that nothing really changes in my city

  • mid-day editorial: What about the game plan for the city?

    After a bruising break-up that has left the Shiv Sena and the BJP with near identical numbers in the BMC elections, the frenemies and the fractious past seem to be continuing

  • Rosalyn D'Mello: Retrieving epiphanies from a void

    How does one nourish the gift of ecstasy without allowing it to be corroded by time, traffic and the mundane business of daily living?

  • mid-day editorial: De-ranged commentary needs to end

    Even as you read this, Shobhaa De is getting trolled for an insensitive tweet. Of late, the columnist's barbs seem way off the mark and, not surprisingly, she is receiving a dose of terrific comebacks

  • Bachchan to walk on Sunday?

    "Mr Bachchan will certainly speak and most likely be persuaded to walk too," says Saudamini Mattu, niece to designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, who are to showcase their creations at The Golden Door, their show for the Cancer Patient's Aids Association, presented in conjunction with politico and designer Shaina NC, who has long been associated with the cause.

  • mid-day editorial: Stop rail rokos, put Mumbai back on track

    Railways, integral to the very fabric of life in this country, especially Mumbai, have become a soft target, of late

  • Clayton Murzello: A character called Richardson

    Last week, cricket bid adieu to the ex-England, Worcestershire and Kent player, whose pranks were as famous as his gritty batting

  • Powerhouse of talent

    It was a veritable powerhouse of talent that attended the preview of Rangoon last evening.

  • Ranjona Banerji: Living on Modi-fied truths

    Our Prime Minister, not a rabble-rouser, not some random party worker, has stated only Muslims get electricity during festivals in UP

  • mid-day editorial: Let's work for a spotless election experience

    While the black dot looked good on voters' fingers yesterday, sadly, the election experience wasn't free of stains

  • Fearless and feisty

    "Fear is the prevailing force today. Dalits, minorities, students live in fear. Businessmen dare not speak," said former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, whose book 'Fearless in Opposition: Power and Accountability,' will be launched at the Nehru Centre today