viral video sensations

  • Set to be the next online superstar?

    With 55 pc Indians watching videos online everyday and with a 27 pc increase in online audience over the last 12 months, digital media companies are reaping in the benefits. Soma Das goes behind the screen to find out what it takes to be an online sensation

  • 2-year-old hockey superfan becomes viral sensation

    Tyler Avolia's reaction to a goal by the Pitssburgh Penguins at the Consol Energy Center has seen him dubbed the Buckle Up Baby. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • US teen becomes internet sensation by hitching ride on 30ft shark

    A teenager from Florida has become the hot topic on the internet after he hitched a ride on the back of a 30ft shark

  • Gangnam style makes YouTube history

    Psy, the South Korean sensation is swaying millions on the net and also some big stars across the world. With 280 million hits and counting, it has also created cyber history. Video courtesy: NDTV