Govinda ignores unconscious woman at event

In the video footage the Bollywood actor is seen so engrossed in his speech that he fails to notice a beauty contestant who fainted right beside him Video courtesy: Youtube

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  • Nat Sharma22-Feb-2014

    Absolutely! I agree with the previous commenter Sayed, On a stage you never know what happens behind you. Probably the commenter would not have been on stage ever in his /her life. The whole events unfolds behind him and he is facing the audience in the front. This is what happens when media is running short on news they blow things out of proposition.

  • Sayed Parvez21-Feb-2014

    Dear Editor, In the video above it can be clearly seen that Govinda was addressing the audience, tell me one thing Me Editor, do u think that Govinda has a third eye which sees the other way round? Dont make news for the sake of making a News, be little sincere and professional Sir.

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