Discovering The Literary Treasures Of India: A Dynamic Journey Through The Works Of Three Popular Indian Authors

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Tiku holds degrees from Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra and NMIMS Mumbai, where he earned his Master`s in Finance.

Are you ready to embark on a dynamic journey through the literary treasures of India? Join us at Midday as we delve into the works of three of the popular authors of India - Sudhir Tiku, Luna J, and R K Mohapatra. From the captivating storytelling of Tiku to the female centric aspects of Luna J*s fiction, and the impact of Mohapatra*s literature, we will explore the rich diversity of the literary landscape of India. Get ready to be transported to a world of vivid imagery, thought-provoking themes, and unforgettable characters, as we discover the magic of Indian literature together.


Sudhir Tiku is a visionary technologist and certified futurist based in Singapore. He serves as Vice President for Asia Pacific and China in a multinational company, bringing over two decades of diverse experience in the automation industry to the table. Despite humble beginnings in a refugee camp in Jammu, he has overcome adversity to achieve academic and professional excellence.

Tiku holds degrees from Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra and NMIMS Mumbai, where he earned his Master*s in Finance. He is a sought-after speaker at TEDx events, with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and academic credentials in Al Ethics and Al Leadership from Oxford and MIT Sloan. Additionally, he is a proud member of the global community at Singularity University, USA.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Tiku is a writer at heart. His first novel, "Life Stolen," is a reflection of his passion for the written word and giving back to the community. All proceeds from the book go towards charity.

About Life Stolen

"Life Stolen" by Sudhir Tiku is a beautifully written and thought-provoking novel that transports readers to different time periods and cultures to explore the themes of love, loss, sacrifice, and identity". - Times Of India

Life Stolen is an unconventional historical fiction which articulates the imperfect imagery of Life, the pain of distance, the meaning of love, the loss of friendship and the joy of that moral sacrifice. The story crosses the intersections of important events of history like the burning of the Library of Alexandria by Julius Caesar, the Trojan war of Greeks, the destruction of the Sun temple of Kashmir and the charm of Persian courts to remind us that history is not a mirror of the past but a window to the future. These past events strangulate the present of two prodigies -Asvin Bhat and Jordan Singh who live in the city of Jammu. They are compelled to make choices which alter their lives forever.

Asvin falls for the yellow eyes of Sren, and Jordan becomes a part-time, cross-country spy. It takes a brutal experience in the jungles of Burma and enabling experience in the land of Kamchatka, for Asvin, to understand that possible meaning of love. The book details how the leanings of the past drive the moral compass of the present to possibly secure the future. And hence, when the great deluge or the great Sah-lab comes to cleanse off the sins of the centuries, Asvin Bhat is motivated to make a choice. He chooses to charter a surprising path, which goes on to redefine the meaning of his and our identity. The story of Asvin Bhat, a young Kashmiri pandit boy, is a ruin, garden, and a river in one go and takes you to inner journey of possible meaning of life and belonging. The great flood in this story is the climax, the end and the possible new start. This can be your story and only read this if you love to find yourself.

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Luna. J is the author of the books Her Harem Journal, What the Heaven!?, God Bless You Devil Kiss You and counting more. Hailing from India and living a spontaneous lifestyle, the young storyteller is a dabbler at many things who is, also, an anthologist and a translator whose penchant for literature has resulted in many beautiful works. Officially, she is a Literature and Tourism Major, while unofficially, she has a PhD in answering a question with a question. She is the recipient of the Aspiring Writer Award 2022, and is, also, a voracious book-dragon who has received the 21st Century Jane Austen Reader*s Award. She makes her world more beautiful by collecting beautiful books and treasuring them. The author, Luna. J, believes that a woman can be an enthralling forest fairy and still be an intimidating Hell Goddess at the same time because Hecate had three forms. She is a grotesquely optimistic young woman who is a hard-core believer of happy endings; who reassures herself that its not the end if its not happy and works harder to achieve happiness, in the end. Her fields of expertise include reading while walking, smashing patriarchy, befriending stray animals, falling in love with the underside of trees among many others. Apart from writing, she has also ventured into the art of camping and being under a tattoo gun, both kept in check by her worldly troubles and financial crisis. Her love for ink is endless, both on the paper and on the skin. She is an entity who is currently on the path of self-discovery through literary exploration and spiritual evolution. Luna. J is always open to constructive criticism and feedback; she can be reached @authorlunaofficial on Instagram or through

Published Works Of Luna. J

A common theme that can be noted in all the writings of J. Luna is the female-centric aspect; either the protagonist is a woman or the strong lead role is that of a woman*s. Or the whole plot could even just revolve around a female character(s).

1. Her Harem Journal is a reverse-harem epistolary novella, which thwarts patriarchal norms and stigma attached to women*s sexuality by its very existence. Set in a historical-fiction setting, this book contains ample romance and fantasy elements for the modern readers who look beyond stereotypes even in this century. This book is a hand-written book which could be enjoyed by people who are interested in calligraphy. A message conveyed through this book is: "A reminder that women will always have a choice, even in a world that often attempts to diminish their options (be it social, political, financial, economic, domestic etc.) by constantly blaming the existence of their uteruses."

2. God Bless You Devil Kiss You is a cross-genre anthology kindled by various legends and myths, featuring strong-willed heroines such as a rogue infernal Princess, a beautiful beast, a sassy mortal Goddess, a formidable femme fatale, an exiled madwoman, a deadly witch, a monotony-breaking prodigy, a daring heretic, a game-changing legendary Queen, an revolutionary dreamer and many others in alluring and strangely addictive tales of Darkness and Light and everything in between that can transport the readers to faraway lands filled with romance, revenge and redemption.

3. What the Heaven!? is a book of poetry, manifesting magic both beautiful and terrible, these metaphorical and metaphysical poems embrace the Trinity of the Divine Feminine: maiden, mother and crone, and celebrates sisters, daughters and mothers who goes unnoticed and unappreciated in the world of men. It*s a ferocious yet tender collection of poems solemnizing the self through self-love, self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Her published works, available on various platforms, can be found


CMA R. K. Mohapatra is a writer, speaker, blogger, social activist, and an award-winning bestselling author with 32 years of rich experience in the finance and accounting fields in India and abroad.

He is well-known for his work in cash and wealth management, portfolio and risk analysis, micro and personal financial planning, and estate & retirement planning for individuals.

Mohapatra*s honest and striking portrayals of the corporate world earned him numerous national & international awards: Exemplary leader award 2019, Hall of Fame award 2021, Indian Glory "Best Writer of the year," "Criticspace Best Indian Author," "Inspiring Indian 2022," "Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Shiromani" "Pride of Odisha" and "Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna- Best Author Award" in recognition of his immense contribution to literature across talent domains, striving for excellence in genres across the Nation and beyond.

About Relationship: Motley Of Love, Trust, and Emotions

The book titled "Relationship: Motley of Love, Trust, and Emotions" comprises eleven chapters discussing social, political, personal, and human relationships and is getting an overwhelming response from readers, which was published by Anecdote Publishing House and launched in the World Book Fair 2023 in New Delhi.

Humans have a close bond with the natural world and its inhabitants. In this book, Author Mohapatra describes how trust, time, and mutual faith bring happiness to human relationships. A strong relationship exists between "falling in love" and "living with love." Relationships are based on places, people, events, and activities.

The only reason the world exists is to foster healthy relationships based on needs. People occasionally need to evaluate money and time relate to one another. Therefore, "relationship" varies from person to person and place to place. One can refer to it as a need-based relationship or a commercial relationship.

However, human relationships are created over time with a need-based framework "with money" or "without money." The difference between "falling in love" and "living with love" may be temporary or permanent. Love your life while living a life you love. Because you want to live for the one you love, your life has a purpose and fortitude when you*re in love. Love improves your health, vitality, and happiness.

This book explores sociological, psychological, and organizational human behaviour to establish good relationships. This book also aims to assist readers in managing the intense stress of relationships because conflict is unavoidable in human interactions.

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