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Gordon, spare the butter chicken! Here's how you can get the classic dish right

Multiple Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay got a dose of his own medicine after adding tomato sauce into his quickfire butter chicken recipe. To restore parity, we invited a legacy restaurateur to tell us how it’s done right

04 March,2024 09:10 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar
Mumbai Food

Decoding Malaika Arora's three-ingredient breakfast combo

Malaika Arora’s recent three-ingredient healthy breakfast got us all excited to nudge two Mumbai home chefs to take up the challenge. Let’s see if they aced the numbers’ game in the kitchen

02 March,2024 08:32 AM IST | Mumbai | Phorum Pandya
Mumbai Food

Why chef Imtiaz Qureshi was the pioneer of Lakhnawi cuisine

Chef Imtiaz Qureshi carved a niche for Awadhi and Lakhnawi cuisine, giving it the nazakat of fine dining. City chef-restaurateurs and his family members recall why his culinary legacy will last the ages

24 February,2024 08:03 AM IST | Mumbai | Phorum Pandya
Mumbai Food

Mumbai mixologists share their favourite rum-based cocktails

On this day in 1703, Barbados witnessed the beginning of the world’s oldest rum distillery. Since then, the beverage has gone from the drink of rebellions to a classic tipple. City mixologists reveal their favourite rum-based tipples and a few heady hacks

20 February,2024 07:10 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar
Mumbai Food

Maska memories in Mahim

A new delivery-only bakery is baking one nostalgic city story after another

19 February,2024 07:06 AM IST | Mumbai | Phorum Pandya
Mumbai Food

Mid-Day Mumbai Guide: Make The Most Of Thursday To Sunday

If you're looking for activities to do this weekend, here's a line-up that is sure to keep you busy

15 February,2024 10:10 PM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi
Mumbai Food

Make ghee jaggery cookies with this easy-to-make recipe

Newbie baker Ananya Panday recently showcased skills with chocolate chip cookies. We invited a city baker to help readers craft the perfect batch, with an easy-to-make recipe

15 February,2024 10:05 PM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

Explore some of Mumbai's iconic chicken dishes at these city eateries and addas

The flavourful chicken fare at a newly-opened Asian eatery in Lower Parel nudged us to hit the rewind button to celebrate some iconic, timeless dishes served across city eateries and addas

13 February,2024 07:10 AM IST | Mumbai | Phorum Pandya

An East Indian in Bandra

Chef Freny Fernandes opens her latest all-day dining and bar whipping up traditional East Indian recipes, European dishes and timeless desserts

12 February,2024 08:35 PM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma

Special menus to celebrate Chinese New Year in Mumbai

Chinese New Year tomorrow marks the arrival of spring and pays homage to ancestors with 10 delicious dishes, each symbolising good fortune, good health and abundance

09 February,2024 10:57 PM IST | Mumbai | Phorum Pandya

Wake up and smell the coffee

A cafe in Worli offers competitively priced coffee-based mocktails and delish fare that can win over more fans once it improves its service

07 February,2024 10:03 PM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi

Midnights with Taylor Swift

With their latest Night Shift, this SoBo venue will witness creator Deep Pathare bring the Taylor Swift experience and flavours of New York to the city’s cocktail scene

06 February,2024 06:41 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

Savour butter croissants or innovative variants at these places in Mumbai

The US celebrates Croissant Day today, and so, we too joined in the fun with this curated list of OG butter croissants and innovations by Mumbai’s best bakers

30 January,2024 07:30 AM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma