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Three experts decode soft skills corporates are looking for in senior hires

After Prince William and Princess Kate emphasised emotional intelligence and no ego in the job description of the CEO of Kensington Palace, three experts decode the soft skills that corporates are looking for in senior hires

25 September,2023 08:14 AM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma
Mumbai Food

Worried about breakfast plans with the recent price rise in sliced white bread? Fret not, try these VFM options using kitchen ingredients

25 September,2023 08:12 AM IST | Mumbai | Pooja Patel
Things to do

A two-day fair will introduce kids to science in a fun, interesting and magical way

25 September,2023 08:18 AM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi
Things to do

A corporate experiment seeks to tap into nature’s nervous system to create a space of calming melody for its urban workforce

23 September,2023 08:25 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar
Things to do

This SoBo art gallery’s experiential work is an opportunity to lock into a meditative space with lights and soothing sounds

23 September,2023 08:35 AM IST | Mumbai | Pooja Patel

Falooda to Aflatoon: Mumbai chefs pick their favourite desserts in the city

Taste Atlas recently included K Rustom’s iconic ice-cream sandwich in a list of 150 legendary desserts, we ask city chefs to pick their contender in the line-up

22 September,2023 07:43 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

Indulge in flavours by Singapore's Keng Eng Kee Seafood as it comes to Mumbai

The island nation’s Michelin Guide-listed, award-winning street food enterprise, Keng Eng Kee Seafood, will bring its flavours to a city pop-up

18 September,2023 07:48 AM IST | Mumbai | Suprita Mitter

Owners of Dadar's Chaitanya open Coast and Bloom with global coastal dishes

The family behind popular seafood adda, Chaitanya upholds their Malvani traditions with a new establishment in the same area that introduces foodies to global coastal dishes through a fine-dine, yet home-style experience

13 September,2023 07:26 AM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma

Paryushan 2023: Nutritionists advise how to get your protein fix while fasting

The eight-day festival for Jains begins today. Nutritionists advise how to get your protein fix while fasting; mothers share hacks to get kids introduced to the fare served during this period plus an easy-to-prepare recipe

12 September,2023 08:06 AM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi

Make room for the mushroom at this cafe in Khar

Apart from being the star ingredient in a limited-edition menu at a Bandra eatery, the mushroom is presented in quirky avatars across cocktails, coffee and even desserts

09 September,2023 08:37 AM IST | Mumbai | Suprita Mitter

Chef Masaharu Morimoto is back in Mumbai to serve some delectable Japanese food

Nineteen years since he set up the iconic Wasabi by Morimoto, the iron chef returns for a special event curating an exclusive Omakase menu on the occasion

08 September,2023 07:27 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

International Day of Sign Languages: 6 web portals to ace Indian sign language

Today, on International Day of Sign Languages, here are six platforms to help you learn the Indian Sign Language

23 September,2023 08:34 AM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma

Let’s clear the Mumbai coast with these clean-up drives post Visarjan

With immersions underway, join these clean-up drives to protect Mumbai’s shoreline

23 September,2023 08:32 AM IST | Mumbai | The Guide Team

Festive chic: Follow these styling tips to help you shine at the next party

Young celebrities sported trendy yet timeless traditional lines at a recent big-ticket SoBo bash. Here are some inspired styling tips to help you shine and shimmy your way for the upcoming festivities

22 September,2023 07:55 AM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma

Celebrate Dev Anand's 100th birth anniversary with this screening of 'Guide'

Cinephiles get to pull off their best Dev Anand look for the actor’s 100th birth anniversary, at this screening of Guide

22 September,2023 07:51 AM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi

Alzheimer's Disease: Experts discuss impacts, benefits and drawbacks of new drug

Trial studies on Lecanemab, a new investigational drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, have shown it to moderately slow down cognitive and functional decline among early-stage patients. Doctors help decode the impact, benefits and possible drawbacks

21 September,2023 08:50 AM IST | Mumbai | Tanishka D’Lyma

Hop on a vintage scooter to explore Pune's historic landmarks

A vintage rally will feature a pre-mapped route past the city’s rich and diverse heritage landmarks

21 September,2023 07:21 AM IST | Mumbai | Suprita Mitter

From Tagore’s kitchen

To celebrate the Nobel laureate’s 160th birth anniversary, a chef has curated a menu inspired by the icon and his family’s culinary traditions

07 August,2023 10:03 AM IST | Mumbai | Sukanya Datta

The Return of the Fraser

With his latest success at Venice, actor Brendan Fraser has returned to the limelight with aplomb. We look back at the roles that truly embrace the versatility and panache of this underrated actor

17 September,2022 10:18 PM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

Naari Shakti

Singer Aditi Ramesh’s fun new single makes a strong case for female empowerment

17 December,2021 05:38 PM IST | Mumbai | Shunashir Sen

A rap on the knuckles: Young Daku's new track highlights farmers' protests

A new hip-hop song takes the central government to task over the farmers’ protest

13 November,2021 10:19 AM IST | Mumbai | The Guide Team

Best of both worlds

Tamil-Swiss artiste Priya Ragu’s new track is an energetic, fun and uplifting anthem for children of colour across the globe

04 August,2021 08:26 AM IST | Mumbai | Gayathri Chandran

A classical transformation

Electronic producer Anish Sood opens up about Anyasa, his new avatar that incorporates Indian classical sounds

02 August,2021 08:35 AM IST | Mumbai | Shunashir Sen