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World Theatre Day 2023: Monica Chaudhary and other artists dwell on the art form

The magic of theatre seems to be elusive to younger audiences with entertainment today only one click away in our homes. Yet, some of the country's younger hearts are ensuring that this magic lives on

27 March,2023 01:19 PM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

World Theatre Day 2023: A day to keep ancient art form alive in digital epoch

Today, the world has access to various forms of entertainment yet we keep going back to ancient performative arts like theatre. With World Theatre Day falling on March 27, we bring to you its rich history, significance and ways you can commemorate the art of theatre

27 March,2023 12:04 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

This Mumbai initiative is putting a spotlight on Indian English language plays

City-based duo Nikhil Katara and Himali Kothari started Project 87, after a nudge by theatrewallah Ramu Ramanathan, to focus on the richness of English language plays originating from India in the last 20 years. They hope to use the power of social media to revive interest in these plays, which are often overshadowed by their Western counterparts

26 March,2023 08:35 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

How ‘Zollywood’ explores the zest of Vidarbha’s lesser-known zhadipatti theatre

The Marathi film ‘Zollywood’ offers an unfiltered glimpse into Vidarbha’s thriving zhadipatti theatre scene. Director Trushant Ingle and writer-actor Asawari Naidu tell us about their early engagements with the form and challenges in bringing it to the big screen

26 March,2023 08:34 PM IST | Mumbai | Sarasvati T

From health to books: Read our top features of the week

It has been a busy week filled with food, health and culture. While experts outline tips to practice mindfulness, they also share how to help those with Down Syndrome, improve gut health and bust myths about dental cleaning. Here is a list of our top features for your Sunday reading

26 March,2023 02:39 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Turn your indoors from drab to delightful with these home decor tips

You can also add a decorative mirror to your entryway or bedroom to create a stylish focal point. Mirrors come in different shapes and styles, so choose one that complements your decor style and adds to the overall aesthetic of your space

25 March,2023 06:23 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Why this bookseller at Bhayander hopes more railway stations keep books


As Mumbai boasts of small book stalls in almost every nook and corner, the book stalls at its railway stations are a shadow of their distant past. Not only are they hardly like they used to be in their heyday but even with what remains, there are not many takers. However, one multipurpose stall manager hopes it to change

25 March,2023 01:27 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Echoes of Earth music festival comes to Mumbai on April 15

As a 3 city concert India tour with a single-stage concert format, the event will be a one-day affair in each city, offering the unparalleled experience of Echoes while highlighting each city’s local ecosystems

25 March,2023 09:28 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Bombay Jayashri Ramnath stable after health setback in UK

Singer Bombay Jayashri Ramnath suffered a health setback and is now currently stable. She is recovering and will require rest for a couple of days

25 March,2023 08:12 AM IST | Mumbai | PTI

From Afrojack to KSHMR: Road To ULTRA returns to India in Mumbai on April 14

For this year’s edition of Road To ULTRA, India will showcase consecutive, daylong marathon events featuring some of the hottest names in the electronic music industry

24 March,2023 06:27 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Use social media in these 10 ways to unlock your creative potential

Are you a creative brain looking for ways to expand your imagination? Here is how you can use social media efficiently to bring out the creator in you

24 March,2023 09:37 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Gudi Padwa 2023: Mumbaikars are celebrating with food, family and festivities

After three years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mumbaikars share how they are bringing in festivities by putting up the 'gudi' and eating puran poli with family and friends

22 March,2023 04:00 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto | Aakanksha Ahire

Ramadan 2023: Ramadan date, time in India? Complete schedule for the holy month

In India, Ramadan is expected to begin from March 23 and will end on April 21. However, all these timings and dates are subject to moon sighting

22 March,2023 10:51 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    How Sneha Singh Mumbai Criminal Lawyer Is Pursuing Childhood Dream Of Singing

    A criminal lawyer launches a production house, releases her first single and rocks YouTube with a reprise to chase a dream she has held close since she was nine. The criminal defence lawyer released her first original single, Lihaaz, last June. The video was the result of months of prep, starting in the COVID-induced country-wide lockdown. By then, Singh, 35, had a successful practice at the Bombay High Court, representing clients pro bono and even holding lectures for law enforcement agencies on cybercrime investigation. #SnehaSingh

    27 March,2023 04:12 PM