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Gandhi’s turn to return the gift

The Congress leader’s disqualification gives the Opposition yet another chance to unite; the question is will the BJP allow it?

27 March,2023 05:35 AM IST | Mumbai | Dharmendra Jore

Will our democracy survive Modi?

The Prime Minister’s deployment of institutional power against Opposition leaders, his control over media, and his party’s attack on the judiciary does not bode well for India’s democratic system

27 March,2023 05:25 AM IST | Mumbai | Ajaz Ashraf

Transgender community deserves equality, dignity

A peppy, exciting opening was held, and everyone in attendance had the feeling that this is going to be a trailblazer, at a time when we are talking of creating a more equitable world in terms of opportunities for sexual minorities.

27 March,2023 05:23 AM IST | Mumbai | The Editorial

Get on with the bloody game!

Umpires must be given license to insist that players don’t purposely waste time. All players should be made aware of their obligation to the public. The fans deserve a fair day’s play for what is often an expensive outing

26 March,2023 06:28 AM IST | Mumbai | Ian Chappell

Vermeer’s Women

I always feel funny going to the sea, all dressed in woollies, but they still had snow in early March. It was all a heady rush.

26 March,2023 06:28 AM IST | Mumbai | Meenakshi Shedde

Buddha’s female disciples

Buddha was always accompanied by two male disciples Sariputta and Moggallana, and two female disciples, Uppalavanna and Khema

26 March,2023 06:27 AM IST | Mumbai | Devdutt Pattanaik

The birds and the breeze

How had it appeared, 5,000 miles away, being too small to fly that far? Answer: It had taken a boat.

26 March,2023 06:27 AM IST | Mumbai | Paromita Vohra
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