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Life lessons from the blue waters

Floating in the sea or a pool allows me to feel a fearless weightlessness, as if this is just the way life is supposed to be

21 June,2024 06:52 AM IST | Mumbai | Rosalyn D'mello

Can’t allow traffic jams that completely disrupt life!

The construction work has led to frequent and prolonged traffic jams

21 June,2024 06:51 AM IST | Mumbai | The Editorial

Dara’s plight and fight

Ex-umpire, journalist and administrator Pochkhanawalla sold his cricket club for R1.30 crore, and kept just R1 and a gold coin for himself, only to end up battling a health-related financial crisis

20 June,2024 04:54 AM IST | Mumbai | Clayton Murzello

Clarity needed in matter of free education for girls

While the minister has insisted, he will stick by his promise, we must realise that students are uncertain about the fees

20 June,2024 04:52 AM IST | Mumbai | The Editorial

Let us not allow a water crisis to overwhelm city

Projects such as the Gargai dam or desalination plant at Manori, which have been discussed for over a decade, have seen no progress.

19 June,2024 06:52 AM IST | Mumbai | The Editorial

Apt honour for Charlie at Kensington

A recently-erected statue of Sir Charles Griffith in Barbados is an apt honour for the great fast bowler despite talk of his action

18 June,2024 06:48 AM IST | Mumbai | Clayton Murzello
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