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Louis Vuitton announces collaboration with the city of Barcelona

The Maison’s latest stop in the Catalan capital brings guests and viewers to a major cultural centre and tourist destination. Nestled on the border of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and dynamic destinations in Europe

02 March,2024 01:55 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

The ultimate fashion guide to embracing quiet luxury with Indian attire


The growing popularity of quiet luxury, a minimalist approach to fashion that emphasises timeless elegance, quality and everyday versatility, cannot be denied. Fashion experts list tips on how to ace this global trend

01 March,2024 09:43 AM IST | Mumbai | Maitrai Agarwal

Kamal Haasan's label KH House of Khaddar launches new Spring-Summer collection

The new collection draws inspiration from the natural world, with a colour palette that reflects a deep connection to the earth and its surroundings

29 February,2024 08:26 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

New fits and fabrics for the modern man in 2024

Men, it's time for a fresh wardrobe perspective. Explore the coolest yet comfortable trends in men's fashion that are set to redefine style this year

24 February,2024 02:18 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Miss World returns to India: Beauty queens share prep routine for the pageant

Sini Shetty representing India and Victoria DiSorbo representing the USA delve into diet, fitness, and personality training regimes for Miss World 2024

24 February,2024 01:57 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Animal prints turn to stone at Roberto Cavalli for Milan Fashion Week

Animal prints are in the DNA of Italian fashion brand Roberto Cavalli, but this week, designer Fausto Puglisi turned the animal to mineral

24 February,2024 12:09 PM IST | Mumbai | AFP

Does wearing makeup age your skin?

Many beauty fans have a lingering question: Does cosmetics age the skin? We begin on a journey to find out the complex relationship between cosmetics and skin aging in this exploration, where a beauty expert sheds light on the impact of make up on skin

19 February,2024 12:04 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Festive edit: Styling tips for wearing yellow on Vasant Panchami

Warm-toned yellows like mustard or ochre complement deeper skin tones, while soft lemon or pastel yellows are flattering on fairer complexions. Experiment with different shades to find the one that enhances your natural glow on Vasant Panchami

14 February,2024 10:09 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Loud to quiet luxury: Fashion pundits tell us how to make the shift


Quiet luxury screams elegance and sophistication. A 2023 fashion trend, it has seamlessly transcended into 2024. If you are someone who has had a penchant for simple things in life including fashion, we got fashion pundits to dissect this trend and suggest ways to help you weave this trend into your fashion world

08 February,2024 08:02 AM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

Beauty benefits of Khus

Khus is renowned for its natural hydrating properties. Its hydrating effect helps maintain the skin's moisture balance, making it an ideal ingredient for individuals with dry skin

04 February,2024 08:01 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Asha Gautam's new venture highlights the need for sustainability in fashion

Under this new social venture, Asha Guatam creates awareness around the need for sustainability in fashion and the crucial role garment recycling and upcycling plays in fighting climate change

01 February,2024 05:52 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Why more number of brides are switching to bridal sneakers


Bold, bejewelled, embroidered and yet functional – bridal sneakers redefine conventional styles, carving out a niche for new-age brides. Mumbai-based sneaker designers and newlywed brides tell us how to hop on the trend

25 January,2024 07:56 AM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi

Forecasting fashion trends for 2024

In anticipation of 2024, the fashion industry looks ahead, forecasting fashion trends that promise a harmonious fusion of innovation, sustainability, and a celebration of diverse global influences

25 January,2024 07:46 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    Karwa Chauth 2023: Step by step Karva Chauth makeup and dress look

    Karwa Chauth 2023 is here. If you are someone who wants to flaunt an easy makeup look on this special day but doesn’t know how to, worry not. In this video, Beautician Babita Thakur shows an easy makeup look for Karwa Chauth along with the jewellery, attire and hairstyle for Karva Chauth. Watch the video to get the easy Karwa Chauth look.   

    31 October,2023 06:30 PM