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‘They want to see granny before she loses her mind’

A Spanish-Bengali couple has petitioned the Indian authorities and Spanish consulate for two years to allow their adopted kids to see their Alzheimer’s-stricken grandmother. After waiting years to adopt an Indian child, OCI and NRI card holders say the real hell is getting them a passport

21 July,2024 10:09 AM IST | Mumbai | Arpika Bhosale
Sunday Mid-Day

A raccoon suspected to hail from the US strayed into Palghar last New Year’s Eve and could’ve landed in the lap of traffickers but for animal rights activists. What happens to exotic animals after seizure and what goes into their painstaking rehab?

21 July,2024 07:35 AM IST | Mumbai | Debjani Paul
Sunday Mid-Day

Incendiary and explosive, hip-hop group Pataka Boys might just be what we need to turn tables for the Desi rap scene

21 July,2024 07:40 AM IST | Mumbai | Shreemayi Nainwal
Sunday Mid-Day

Just one of many horror stories of sexual assault on animals who are bereft of protection by law under the new BNS criminal code

21 July,2024 07:40 AM IST | Mumbai | Mitali Parekh
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