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‘Marriage wasn’t on our minds’

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Hansal Mehta and social entrepreneur Safeena Husain look back at 17 years of struggle, togetherness and children. And three weeks of marriage

19 June,2022 08:53 AM IST | Mumbai | Jane Borges
Sunday Mid-Day

A temple for a buffalo deity that cow herders worshipped; tales of gangsters jumping terraces to escape the cops and a Mulsim shrine inside a cinema—Kamathipura is more than its brothels, reveals a walk

19 June,2022 12:31 PM IST | Mumbai | Mitali Parekh
Sunday Mid-Day

In a new biography on Hairbhai Jariwala, co-actor Sharmila Tagore remembers a stellar actor who drove her up the wall

19 June,2022 07:50 AM IST | Mumbai | Team SMD
Sunday Mid-Day

An architect and his team, spurred by the idea of affordable housing, traversed through the slums and chawls of the city to rediscover the byelaws governing our built heritage

19 June,2022 08:53 AM IST | Mumbai | Ela Das
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