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From Tagore’s kitchen

To celebrate the Nobel laureate’s 160th birth anniversary, a chef has curated a menu inspired by the icon and his family’s culinary traditions

07 August,2023 10:03 AM IST | Mumbai | Sukanya Datta
Famous Personalities

The Return of the Fraser

With his latest success at Venice, actor Brendan Fraser has returned to the limelight with aplomb. We look back at the roles that truly embrace the versatility and panache of this underrated actor

17 September,2022 10:18 PM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar
Famous Personalities

Naari Shakti

Singer Aditi Ramesh’s fun new single makes a strong case for female empowerment

17 December,2021 05:38 PM IST | Mumbai | Shunashir Sen
Famous Personalities

A rap on the knuckles: Young Daku's new track highlights farmers' protests

A new hip-hop song takes the central government to task over the farmers’ protest

13 November,2021 10:19 AM IST | Mumbai | The Guide Team
Famous Personalities

Best of both worlds

Tamil-Swiss artiste Priya Ragu’s new track is an energetic, fun and uplifting anthem for children of colour across the globe

04 August,2021 08:26 AM IST | Mumbai | Gayathri Chandran
Famous Personalities

A classical transformation

Electronic producer Anish Sood opens up about Anyasa, his new avatar that incorporates Indian classical sounds

02 August,2021 08:35 AM IST | Mumbai | Shunashir Sen
Famous Personalities

An equal music

Sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee’s upcoming album features global maestros who kept their egos aside for collective vision

30 July,2021 08:33 AM IST | Mumbai | Shunashir Sen

The whys and hows

In a celebration of Manipur’s oral art of storytelling, scholar L Somi Roy’s new children’s book will engage and enthrall in equal measure

03 July,2021 09:01 AM IST | Mumbai | Fiona Fernandez

Indian Olympians on competing amid Covid restrictions in upcoming Tokyo games

Four Indian Olympians weigh in on how the upcoming Games in Tokyo will be different for competitors, with pandemic restrictions barring any contact between them and fans

26 June,2021 11:58 AM IST | Mumbai | Gayathri Chandran | Shunashir Sen

Why sustainability is in fashion

On World Environment Day, four fashion-lovers share how they’ve been moving towards more sustainable wardrobes

05 June,2021 08:27 AM IST | Mumbai | Anindita Paul

When Angelou spoke

Today marks the sixth death anniversary of iconic poet Dr Maya Angelou. To celebrate her rich legacy, here’s our curated list of podcasts, music, books and videos to check out

28 May,2021 08:20 AM IST | Mumbai | Gayathri Chandran

Industry experts on how high performing professions can pursue what they deserve

Health minister KK Shailaja was given the boot by the ruling Kerala government despite a stellar show of handling Nipah and Covid-19 outbreaks. If putting organisation before the individual is prudent, how can standout professionals hope to get what they deserve? Industry experts debate

25 May,2021 01:05 PM IST | Mumbai | Anindita Paul

‘There is no wrong note in jazz’

Louiz Banks opens up about the genre after launching a weekly video series, Jazz is Fun

14 May,2021 08:10 AM IST | Mumbai | Shunashir Sen