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‘Love not sufficient to sustain marriage, financial planning key’


Besides love, financial planning is a strong pillar of any romantic relationship. It ensures you live a harmonious life with your partner. We got relationship experts to shed light on its relevance and also share tips on how to go about it

07 December,2023 09:30 AM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

Have you always loved porridge but are bored of the classic version? Then it is time to elevate the dish by not only adding fruits and berries but also ginger and coconut to it in different ways with the help of these recipes

07 December,2023 07:55 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Who doesn’t love a good tangy and pulpy orange? While it tastes best in its raw form, if you wish to tingle your tastebuds, we bring you orange recipes with a fresh twist

06 December,2023 06:35 PM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

Sneaker care is a crucial aspect of sneaker culture and ownership as it prolongs the lifespan and maintains the appearance of these premium chunky shoes

06 December,2023 06:00 PM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi

Bold, bejewelled, embroidered and yet functional – bridal sneakers redefine conventional styles, carving out a niche for new-age brides. Mumbai-based sneaker designers and newlywed brides tell us how to hop on the trend

07 December,2023 09:17 AM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi

Aditya Birla Fashion announces partnership with Christian Louboutin in India

This joint venture envisages the transfer of the current Indian business into a newly incorporated subsidiary of ABFRL where the partners will hold equal stake

07 December,2023 09:33 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Fashion pundits share tips to pick the right bridal outfit for your D-day


Modern brides of India are laying great emphasis on comfort and personalised style when shopping for their bridal outfits. If you are soon to tie the knot and have yet to shop your wedding outfit, we have fashion pundits breaking down bridal trends that will help you make the right choice

05 December,2023 07:00 PM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

Sneaker festival SneakinOut 3.0 is all set to make landfall in Mumbai

The sneaker festival will showcase a vast collection of urban streetwear and limited-edition sneakers, providing attendees with the opportunity to explore and indulge in the latest trends

05 December,2023 03:56 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

From Ruby to Emerald: Dive into the world of precious coloured gemstones

The combination of coloured gemstones with diamonds is a celebration of diversity and individuality. From the rich blues of sapphires to the lush greens of emeralds, the fiery reds of rubies, and the gentle pinks of morganite, each gemstone brings its own personality to the piece

01 December,2023 07:57 AM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Winter workwear: Tips to look stylish, professional and warm in cold season

Navigating winter workwear doesn't have to be a daunting task. By strategically layering, investing in quality outerwear, and accessorising thoughtfully you can maintain a professional and polished look throughout the colder months

29 November,2023 12:19 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

A perfect guide to achieve bold red lips

Once you find a complementary shade of red lipstick as per your skin tone, it's one of the best products you can incorporate to accentuate your makeup look

29 November,2023 08:11 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    'Reading food labels is an important skill in the 21st century'

    To be able to counter the evil of packaged foods, it is essential to read food labels. And it is this awareness that Revant Himatsingka aka Food Pharmer intends to spread. Despite facing lawsuits, this 'Food Pharmer' is on a journey to raise awareness about the evils of packaged foods. “Today, being able to read food labels is an even more important skill than coding," says Revant Himatsingka aka Food Pharmer. In an exclusive interview with Mid-day, Revant Himatsingka shares friendly tips on how to read food labels and make healthy mindful choices when buying packaged foods. Watch the video.

    29 November,2023 10:42 AM

    Houses of Mazgaon, Chawls of Girgaon: How these Mumbaikars are archiving Mumbai


    Mumbai boasts of many beautiful neighbourhoods. However, as some of them come to the light, others are left basking in the past glory. Some Mumbaikars are taking it upon themselves to archive and create an online repository for the future, and even propose a new model

    08 December,2023 07:12 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

    From comedy to Christmas bazaar: Three exciting things to do in Mumbai

    If you're looking for exciting things to do in Mumbai in December, here's a line-up that is sure to keep you busy

    07 December,2023 12:41 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    How Mumbai's undertakers navigate coffins, cemeteries and morgues


    Even as most people come across accidents and deaths every other day, talking about it is very difficult. With Day of the Dead observed earlier this month, mid-day.com spoke to Mumbai undertakers to understand more about how they live life among the dead

    06 December,2023 09:00 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

    BACARDI NH7 Weekender wraps up the 14th edition with power-packed performances

    With a lineup of over 45 artists, the festival featured the likes of followed by M.I.A., Jai Wolf, Cartel Madras and MEMBA stealing the show on Day 2 and finally YG, Daler Mehndi, MC Stan and Euphoria wrapping up Day 3 on a high note

    06 December,2023 08:53 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    Cricket, Bollywood, India among Wikipedia's top 25 most popular articles of 2023

    In 2023, cricket comprised a full 16 per cent of English Wikipedia's top 25 articles. The articles for the ‘2023 Cricket World Cup’ (number three), hosted this year in India, and ‘Indian Premier League’ (number four) made their way into the list of the top five most viewed articles

    06 December,2023 08:07 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    How this Mumbaikar left drought-stricken Kutch at 14 to come to Mumbai


    Situated along the Irla Bridge, Kamal Book Shop was started by Ramji Patel, who came to the city from Gujarat in search for a job. Today, he has been catering to readers for the last 38 years and loves every moment of it

    05 December,2023 05:37 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

    Spinach to Turkish omelette: Whip up unique omelettes with these easy recipes


    Eggs can be prepared in various ways and so can omelettes. If you love a good breakfast loaded with egg omelettes or enjoy biting into them even for lunches and dinners, we share some salivating recipes you have to try

    08 December,2023 08:15 AM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

    Pear Stir-fry to spiced butter-poached pear: Five recipes you need to try


    Indian chefs say a lot can be done with pears if you're open to experimenting with the fruit available during winter. With the festive season here, the time is ripe to enter the kitchen. So, what are you making this Christmas and New Year?

    07 December,2023 10:30 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

    Love strawberries? Make these unique dishes this winter season


    If you have been waiting to experiment with strawberries, then Indian chefs say there is a lot you can do with the fruit like you have never before

    06 December,2023 08:36 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

    Maggie lasagna? We share innovative spicy Maggi recipes for you to try


    From a simple dish that required only water to becoming a whole spicy affair, Maggi has witnessed countless variations. If you like your Maggi with added flavours, we bring you some innovative variations of this staple that are sure to salivate your mouth

    05 December,2023 08:23 PM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

    Fig frenzy: Don't let fig season go by without making these dessert recipes


    Fig season in Mumbai is short and sweet. Make the most of this juicy, ancient fruit with these five chef-attested dessert recipes

    05 December,2023 06:29 PM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi

    Oven magic: Transform your festive spread with 6 delicious and healthy recipes

    However, being away from home during these special occasions can sometimes leave you feeling homesick and missing the festivities with your loved ones

    05 December,2023 07:46 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Tax-friendly destinations: A guide to the world's lowest taxes countries

    In this article, Shalini Lambah, the Country Head India of Migrate World, shares with IANSlife the optimal immigration destinations for Indian students, considering factors such as educational opportunities, post-graduation prospects and quality of life

    04 December,2023 04:26 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Going hiking? Keep these tips in mind while traveling in extreme conditions

    Being aware of the weather is one of the most essential winter hiking tips because it can affect the trail by covering it with new snow, which can be quite confusing while you are hiking

    04 December,2023 04:06 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Paw-sitively perfect pet-friendly accommodations

    Make unforgettable memories with your four-legged companion that will make their tails wag and your heart soar with this list of pet-friendly accommodations that cater not only to the wanderlust in you but also to the needs and desires of our beloved pet

    04 December,2023 03:54 PM IST | Washington | ANI

    Into the woods: Discover forest cabins for a nature-filled escape from Mumbai


    Forest living not only offers a chance to immerse oneself in ecotherapy but also provides a canvas for mindful travelling, inviting travellers to rediscover the art of slow living

    04 December,2023 09:20 AM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi

    Travel trends 2023: 28 pct increase in searches for Thailand post visa lift

    Following the relaxation of visa requirements for Indians traveling to Thailand, Agoda's search data indicates a significant surge in interest. In the ten days following the announcement, there was a notable 28 pct increase in searches compared to the preceding ten days

    30 November,2023 03:48 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    Tying the knot? Here are 5 dreamy wedding destinations in India

    What better way to capture your wedding than to choose a beautiful location for the wedding?

    23 November,2023 08:21 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Women in India are choosing to opt out of traditional relationship timelines

    36 per cent of women surveyed in India say they will take their own time and date at their own pace

    06 December,2023 07:28 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    Why more number of young Indians are 'manifesting' the ideal partner


    When it comes to dating, manifestation plays a pivotal role by delving into the subconscious aspects of an individual's desires rather than relying on spoken word

    05 December,2023 04:00 PM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi

    Her lady bits are on strike: Misconceptions about female pleasure men must know


    The discourse around female pleasure is usually missing or is aimed at discouraging women from seeking it. Why comply? Sex experts share tips for men to break myths around female pleasure and achieve enhanced intimacy

    04 December,2023 09:37 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    About 43 per cent Gen Z daters think gender roles are evolving in online dating

    With chivalry being one associated with men, more women showed interest with about 37 per cent of them saying their expression of chivalry might be different at times, ranging from thoughtful messages, checking up on their partner

    04 December,2023 05:56 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    Emotional disconnect in married couples key cause of infidelity: Study

    The chances of infidelity exist when there is an emotional detachment between spouses. Partners frequently drift emotionally apart as a result of the hectic modern lifestyle, changing societal conventions and growing expectations of people

    04 December,2023 04:38 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

    Not ready for sex? Here is how you can still spice up things with your partner

    Are you scared to confess to your partner that you don't want to have sex? Do you worry that it may harm your relationship? There are still many ways that may spice up your dating life. Here are a few expert tips

    04 December,2023 09:04 AM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

    Nooro Knee Massager Reviews: Is This Knee Pain Reliever Worth The Hype?

    Nooro Knee Massager Reviews

    07 December,2023 06:38 PM IST | Mumbai | Advertorial

    Neuro-Thrive Reviews 2024 (Shocking Customer Reviews Exposed) NeuroThirve Brain

    Neuro-Thrive is a supplement that nourishes the brain, making it easy to retain memories and bolstering cognitive function. Read this complete review about Neuro-Thrive ingredients, benefits, where to buy, side effects, price, pros & cons, and more before you order.

    07 December,2023 06:30 PM IST | Mumbai | Advertorial

    Keto Crave ACV Gummies Reviews (BEHIND SECRET) Leangenix Keto ACV Gummies Really

    Keto Crave ACV Gummies Review

    07 December,2023 06:12 PM IST | Mumbai | Advertorial

    Zager Guitar Reviews: Here's What to Expect in 2024

    Zager acoustic guitars are the brand's bread and butter, offering multiple series at different price points.

    07 December,2023 05:43 PM IST | MUMBAI | Advertorial

    Nooro Knee Massager Reviews (Shocking Truth Exposed) Critical Report On Nooro

    Knee pain can arise from various factors, including overuse and strain, arthritis, injuries, aging, poor posture, and obesity.

    07 December,2023 05:34 PM IST | MUMBAI | Advertorial

    Alpha Heater Reviews "UK UPDATED" EXPOSED Must Read! Consumer Reports Before Buy

    The Alpha Heater portable heater proves to be an efficient solution for swiftly and affordably warming your home in the chilly months.

    07 December,2023 05:03 PM IST | MUMBAI | Advertorial

    El Nino, climate change multiplies cyclone Michaung’s mayhem: Scientists

    Scientists note that the intensity of the cyclone depends not only on sea surface temperature but, more importantly, on the volume of warm water in the ocean

    06 December,2023 08:07 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Plastic pollution from cigarettes costing USD 26 billion a year globally: Study

    Cigarette butts aren’t just litter; they’re a toxic ticking time bomb for our environment

    06 December,2023 08:04 AM IST | Hong Kong | IANS

    Artificial city lights luring birds to their deaths: Study

    Scientists used weather radar data to map bird stopover density in the US and found that artificial light is a top indicator of where birds will land

    05 December,2023 07:43 AM IST | New York | IANS

    Study reveals forest may adapt to climate change, but not quickly enough

    The findings suggest that, while most forests have the potential to adapt to hotter, dryer conditions, they aren't changing quickly enough to avoid the impending stress. The study, published in Global Change Biology, serves as a benchmark for future forest research, as well as a guide for conservation and management.

    04 December,2023 01:45 PM IST | Washington | ANI

    How remote and hybrid work can significantly cut carbon footprint

    Hybrid workers tend to commute farther than onsite workers due to differences in housing choices

    04 December,2023 12:28 PM IST | San Francisco | IANS

    50 per cent of Indian pet parents prefer online vet consultations: Study

    The study emphasises pet care challenges faced by Indian pet parents and the significance of online veterinary health consultations

    04 December,2023 10:06 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent