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Experts on why dengue spikes during monsoon; causes and treatment


The monsoon season in Mumbai brings different kinds of diseases with it. With the rising number of dengue cases in the city, two city experts simplify the causes, symptoms and preventive methods for dengue and why people should be concerned about getting affected by it

27 June,2022 10:21 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Aniruddha Mahale, author of ‘Get Out: The Gay Man's Guide to Coming Out and Going Out’, talks about his latest book which traces his dating misadventures and doles out advice in his signature eccentric way

26 June,2022 10:14 AM IST | Mumbai | Maitrai Agarwal

The Covid-19 pandemic gave people a platform to explore their hobbies or simply pick new ones. Since many couldn’t get out of their houses, they also picked new activities to do. With the monsoon and Covid here, this is also a time to explore hula hooping, pole dancing and belly dancing which are seeing more people take it up from their homes

24 June,2022 10:15 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

While the controversy concerning reports of Kim Kardashian damaging Marilyn Monroe’s iconic gown deepens, textile conservators and archivists tell us how historical textiles and costumes are preserved in India’s museums

23 June,2022 01:12 PM IST | Mumbai | Sarasvati T

Growing up queer while struggling with one’s identity can be an isolating experience in a cis-heteronormative world. We spoke to the creator of a home-grown social application that aims to connect LGBTQIA+ individuals and create digital safe spaces for the community

23 June,2022 03:25 PM IST | Mumbai | Maitrai Agarwal

Basics of Beard Care: Experts suggest ways to maintain facial hair this monsoon

Many men take pride in sporting a beard — be it short or full, jet black or salt-and-pepper. But beards, which help to accentuate facial features or even form a part of one’s identity, need special care during the monsoon when humidity tries to play spoilsport

18 June,2022 04:30 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Here's what you need to know about the Korean glass skin routine

According to Korean beauty standards, the first thing to do is to double cleanse your face with an oil-based product that helps remove all the makeup from your face

10 June,2022 10:57 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Slay it in the rains: Here’s how to plan your wardrobe for the Mumbai monsoon


If you are all puzzled about what to wear and how to style your outfits during the monsoon, especially at a time when work-from-office is back on track, here are some tips from fashion experts on wardrobe essentials

06 June,2022 09:50 AM IST | Mumbai | Sarasvati T

This is the only sunscreen guide you will ever need


Experts answer important questions about sunscreen, bust myths, and suggest how to pick one that suits your skin

03 June,2022 10:22 AM IST | Mumbai | Maitrai Agarwal

Closet conscious? Here's how you can plan your wardrobe with limited purchases

Unlike an overcrowded closet, a conscious closet frees up more of the world's resources. Tushar Sethi, Co-Founder of Jisora, shares some new closet essentials that will keep you in style while remaining inexpensive

31 May,2022 04:09 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Cannes 2022: Decoding Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai’s red carpet looks


Indian actresses Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai have been setting the Cannes red carpet on fire with their sublime fashion statements. Experts decode their top looks, and share a step-by-step routine to recreate Deepika’s Cannes style

26 May,2022 11:13 AM IST | Mumbai | Maitrai Agarwal

From Pride Month to Yoga Day: Here’s a round-up of mid-day.com’s top features

For an eventful week with people celebrating International Yoga Day, Pride Month and also discussing celebrity stories, we bring to you a perfect mix of good reads for the weekend

26 June,2022 11:14 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Global Beatles Day: How these Mumbaikars fell in love with the English band

From listening to their music on a mono-cassette player to aping their fashion and bonding over their music, The Beatles fans in the city talk about their love affairs with the band

25 June,2022 11:05 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Tinder's 'LetsTalkGender.in' to encourage conversation on LGBTQIA+ relationships

The dynamic, living guide and dictionary were created with a wide collection of participants from the LGBTQIA+ community, taking inspiration from the Tinder app's 50+ gender identities and 9 sexual orientations

22 June,2022 02:06 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Goodbye, Internet Explorer: Mumbaikars get nostalgic about the browser


As the world bid adieu to the iconic browser on June 15, four Mumbaikars who grew up with it share their fond memories of using Internet Explorer before moving on to faster options. While they will miss it, they are also thankful and look forward to a better future to browse the internet

22 June,2022 01:58 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Why now is the best time to indulge in these offbeat sports in Mumbai


While exhilarated shouts from playing gully cricket and football can be heard in the streets, a different breed of sports enthusiasts are enjoying getting back to skateboarding, surfing and slacklining. It definitely seems like the best time to try out these offbeat activities

21 June,2022 02:23 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Marching to the ghumat's beat: Why this fading folk drum deserves more love


The sound of the ghumat, played mainly by East Indians in Mumbai, isn’t as popular as it once was. As its sales dwindle, one member from the community has been attempting to revive the percussion instrument through a band, while another has been gifting it to people as a mark of his culture

21 June,2022 02:22 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Here's where you can enjoy healthy and crunchy salads in Mumbai

There has been a dramatic shift towards scrumptious one-bowl meals. Here's a quick guide to places in Mumbai where you can try out healthy salads

24 June,2022 12:29 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Here's how you can snack in a healthy manner

We are, after all, what we eat, and making mindful snacking choices becomes an important part of our self-care routine

19 June,2022 12:41 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Your Cup of Tea: Mumbai chefs share flavourful recipes for the hot beverage

While you stay indoors as it rains outside, give your homemade choice of teas a twist with new ingredients. Potfuls of oolong and flowery infusions should keep you satiated till you can pay a visit to your favourite café again

18 June,2022 04:27 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Mumbai chefs share soul-warming steamed recipes to enjoy during the monsoon

It has been raining since the early days of June and now is the perfect time to enjoy steamed dishes of various kinds. City-based chefs share their favourite recipes to help you make the most of the season

18 June,2022 04:23 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Celebrate Father’s Day with delicious spreads at these 5 restaurants in Mumbai

As people get back to visiting their favourite restaurants, take the opportunity to step out of your house this weekend to treat your dad to mouthwatering delicacies at one of these restaurants near you. City restaurants have put together special brunches and menus for you to enjoy a meal with your father or your entire family

18 June,2022 02:54 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

Miss eating bhutta in the rain? These recipes will help you relive the thrill

The monsoons are here and so is the urge to stop and enjoy steaming dishes, especially smoky spice-rubbed corn on the cob, roasted over coals in the city’s many roadside stalls. The pandemic has spoilt such spontaneous joys but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy corn elsewhere

18 June,2022 01:50 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto

Typhoid bacteria are becoming resistant to essential antibiotics: Lancet

Typhoid fever is a global public health concern, causing 11 million infections and more than 100,000 deaths per year. While it is most prevalent in South Asia - which accounts for 70 per cent of the global disease burden

27 June,2022 12:01 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Arsenic contamination in food trade must be monitored: Experts

Long term ingestion of arsenic is reported to lead to several adverse human health effects, including cancer, skin lesions, developmental effects, cardiovascular disease, neurotoxicity, and diabetes

26 June,2022 11:59 AM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Reasons why heart attacks in women are often missed

According to the study that was recently published in American Heart Journal Plus, the gene RAP1GAP2 may be responsible for the difference in symptoms detected in women

25 June,2022 04:30 PM IST | New York | IANS

Health problems men should keep a track of early on

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and depression are the top male killers. However, men also face male-specific issues such as prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia

24 June,2022 12:25 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Here are a few eating habits one must follow for healthy ageing

While healthy eating and staying fit are essential at all stages of life, eating right is especially important for aging adults, as their bodies restrict what can and cannot be digested

24 June,2022 12:20 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Experiencing daily burn-out? Here's how you can change this!

Here's how you can fight daily burn out episodes and the toll of unmanaged stress on the body

23 June,2022 07:46 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

US waves mandatory Covid test for International travellers from June 12

International air travellers to the US will no longer require Covid test before entering the country from June 12, the media reported

11 June,2022 05:58 PM IST | Washington | IANS

Here's why you need to visit the Gurez Valley in Kashmir

Because the grandeur valley is closed for six months during the winter due to heavy snowfall, the best time to visit is from April to September when the weather is pleasant. From Srinagar, you can take a 35-minute helicopter ride to the special valley

10 June,2022 06:41 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Here are some of the top destinations for sustainable travellers in 2022

From trend-setting cities to stunning natural parks and destinations making a concerted effort to manage their travel volumes more consciously, there is plenty of inspiration for the 94 per cent of Indian travellers who say that sustainable travel is important to them

06 June,2022 01:04 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Here are 10 travel destinations that are popular this summer

With international skies now open, this appears to be the best time for Indians to take their dream vacation with options that don't burn a hole in the pocket

22 May,2022 11:54 AM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Six historic bazaars in India you must visit!

A typical 'bazaar' in India is defined by street vendors, overcrowded shopping alleys, delicious street food that can overwhelm our senses, and chaos. Here are some of the historic shopping destinations in India

20 May,2022 01:20 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Why you should visit these destinations in Northeast India

North East India is really popular for its wildlife, landscape and culture. While there are some famous sightseeing spots, there are many others like the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, the Tawang Monastery in Tawang and the Dzukou Valley in Kohima that should also be on your bucket list

19 May,2022 06:15 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Your smoking habits might prove to be a dating deal-breaker: Survey

Dating app, QuackQuack polled its users to learn about the effects of smoking on dating life. Here's what the survey found about dating and smoking habits of users

06 June,2022 05:22 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Here's what you need to know about the green dating trend

Walk in the park or around the neighbourhood was one of the top choices for ideal first dates for single Indians per Bumble's recent research

04 June,2022 05:49 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Transgender Awareness Month: Dating as a gender queer person in India

Transgender Awareness Month is a time to educate ourselves about the lives and experiences of trans persons. Mid-Day.com spoke to trans and gender queer individuals to understand how they navigate dating, stigma, self-doubt, and more

03 June,2022 07:07 PM IST | Mumbai | Maitrai Agarwal

Did the Covid-19 pandemic make couples rethink the concept of monogamy?

Confined into one house with restricted private space and time, fuelled differences between many couples making them re-think the concept of Monogamy

24 May,2022 03:50 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

'Disability does not define us': Disabled people on dating in an ableist society

According to a survey by the dating app QuackQuack, 43 per cent of young disabled people feel dating has always taken a back seat due to their condition

19 May,2022 01:48 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Temperature's up: Here are a few fun ideas for dating during summer months

The heat wave in India might have discouraged many from venturing in outdoor locations for spending time with partners. If you are looking for dating ideas amid rising temperatures, here are a few tips to help

26 March,2022 03:24 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

The Holy Union - Tech and Consulting.

19 April,2022 03:44 PM IST | Mumbai | BrandMedia

Swaran Singh Sandhu, The man behind RAFFLES EDUCITY

Recognizing Electronic and Social Media as powerful tools for influencing the youth, Sandhu reached a wide audience and didn’t hesitate from exposing the deceitful practices undertaken by many immigration agents prevalent in the State

04 January,2022 06:18 PM IST | Mumbai | BrandMedia

Ankit Sharma says the Indian shipping industry is on another level of growth

Ankit Sharma is one of the most talented and well-known shipping executives, with a wealth of knowledge gathered over many years in the industry. He is the CEO and managing director of KCS Groups.

20 December,2021 05:33 PM IST | Mumbai | BrandMedia

Mumbai Got 3rd Generation Automated Robotic Arm Joint Replacement Surgery Centre

Recent studies have shown that use of ROBOTIC’s in joint replacement surgery is eliminating these errors in judgement and given excellent end results

01 December,2021 03:02 PM IST | Mumbai | BrandMedia

From juggling in menial jobs to creating a whopping name in the US staffing

In a constant struggle between proving himself better and trying on different strategies, Tarun never had it easy in life

01 December,2021 02:18 PM IST | Mumbai | BrandMedia

The new food trend that you need to get hooked to RIGHT NOW!

A lot of people are actually turning to organically grown produce to switch to a healthier lifestyle

01 December,2021 01:51 PM IST | Mumbai | BrandMedia

WWF calls for consensual global framework to address causes of biodiversity loss

Marco Lambertini, the Director-General at WWF International, stressed that a global consensus was urgent to facilitate establishment of a landmark pact to reinvigorate protection of species and speed up nature positive growth

27 June,2022 01:12 PM IST | Mumbai | IANS

'Monsoon variability can lead to food insecurity': Experts

Factors that impact food production also include unprecedented heat waves such as the one experienced by northwest India earlier in March

26 June,2022 11:41 AM IST | Mumbai | IANS

Effects of climate change on oceans may cause shortage of omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acid is an essential fat that the human body cannot produce on its own, and is widely regarded as a "good" fat that links seafood consumption to heart health

25 June,2022 04:22 PM IST | New York | IANS

In view of climate change, quality agri-research is the need of the hour

Farmers would need to adopt new technology but somehow higher production has made Indian administrators and policymakers complacent and they are often found saying: "There are no food problems, our godowns are full"

24 June,2022 01:50 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

eSensitivity tool launched to protect biodiversity, effective energy planning

The global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy presents an opportunity for positive change but, if poorly planned, could come at the expense of biodiversity

21 June,2022 02:47 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

Saplings planted under Green Tamil Nadu Mission to be geo-tagged, monitored

Sources in the Tamil Nadu forest department said that 28 nurseries run by the department are ready with 50,000 saplings and will be geo-tagged and monitored round the clock through the services of the app

18 June,2022 02:30 PM IST | Chennai | IANS