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29 March,2023 06:34 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Ekam Yoga, the premier online platform for yoga enthusiasts worldwide, has announced a major milestone: over 100K+ delighted yoga learners did yoga since 2020.

Er. Samprati Singhvi Founder of Ekam Yoga.

With over more than 200+ community of expert yoga trainers taking 26 group and several personalised sessions per day and, Ekam Yoga offers a comprehensive range of sessions tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of individuals of all ages and body types. All yoga trainer of Ekam Yoga have experience of more than 15000+ hours of doing yoga. From facial yoga to evening yoga, yoga for weight loss, and maintaining hormonal balance for women, Ekam Yoga*s courses are divided into a variety of categories to suit every individual*s needs.

During the pandemic, Ekam Yoga became a beacon of hope for people seeking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing without leaving home. With a commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive community of yogis from around the world, the platform offers virtual workshops, online discussion forums, and group challenges to foster connection, support, and growth. The platform*s skilled professionals have educated tens of thousands of minds and souls, inspiring individuals to become qualified professionals in yoga.

"At Ekam Yoga, we are on a mission to make every human being do yoga and create a healing community, expanding our reach across all continents," said founder and serial entrepreneur Er Samprati Singhvi. "We offer a diverse range of online counseling, nutrition, yoga, meditation, effective fitness, weight loss, and children*s yoga programs at a very affordable price. Our dedication to offering sessions that cater to a broad spectrum of individuals* needs is evident in the programs that address various ailments and age groups."

A pic from an online session.

Each practice at Ekam Yoga is guided by certified yoga teachers who adapt instruction to specific fitness objectives and health conditions, ensuring that every session is safe, efficient, and enjoyable.

The platform places an emphasis on schedules and follow-ups, providing individual attention based on each student*s requirements and their progression of yogic abilities.

Ekam Yoga*s Yoga Instructor course is outstanding, resulting in individuals receiving a certification certificate, which they can use to develop a career with its Yoga Certification Board of Ayush Ministry, Government of Indai. The team at Ekam Yoga has created a unique platform for individuals to harness the power of yoga to alleviate various illnesses and ailments.

The Ekam Yoga community*s name has deep roots in Hindu philosophy and spirituality, emphasizing the idea that ultimate reality is one and indivisible. With the concept of unity in mind, the online program has made it their mission to provide work opportunities for expert yoga trainers from small cities where yoga studios may not be sustainable, thus empowering experts and making yoga more accessible for all.

Session bookings are available almost anytime, anywhere, as learners can easily book through the EkamYoga.com website and join using any device. Best of all, the cost of joining Ekam Yoga is affordable, with subscriptions starting at just 99/- per month.

Join Ekam Yoga and embrace the transformative power of yoga to improve your overall health and wellbeing. With its visionary approach and expert guidance, Ekam Yoga empowers individuals to become qualified professionals in yoga, bringing the benefits of this ancient practice to people around the world.




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