From MNCs to Mastering Interior Design: The Inspiring Journey of Nidhi and Abhijeet Jaju

09 October,2023 12:52 PM IST |  MUMBAI  |  BrandMedia

In the captivating world of interior design, where creativity meets functionality, Nidhi and Abhijeet Jaju have carved a remarkable niche for themselves.

Nidhi Jaju & Abhijeet Jaju

The power couple behind Pune-based Xclusive Interiors Pvt Ltd, founded in 2005, has not only transformed spaces but also their own careers, from diverse backgrounds to becoming pioneers in the interior design industry.

The Dynamic Duo

Nidhi Jaju, an Interior Designer by profession, embarked on her journey into the world of design after gaining valuable experience in multinational corporations. Her passion for creating captivating interiors and her acute understanding of clients' needs have been instrumental in shaping the success story of Xclusive Interiors.

Abhijeet Jaju, on the other hand, is an engineer with a stellar education that includes a BE degree and an MS from the USA, complemented by a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Prior to co-founding Xclusive Interiors, he donned the role of a Global Project Manager in top-notch tech companies. His meticulous project management skills have been a driving force behind the company's growth.

A Journey of More Than Projects

Xclusive Interiors boasts an impressive portfolio of over 1325 completed residential and commercial interior designing projects, not only in Pune and Hyderabad but also in various cities across India. Their expertise and creativity have earned them numerous accolades, including "Best Interior Designers in Pune," "Best Interior Designers in Maharashtra," and recognition as one of the "Top 15 Interior Designers in India."

Their projects have not just been confined to private spaces; they have graced the pages of top interior design magazines and even adorned the cover stories, a testament to the exceptional quality of their work.

Visionaries and Trailblazers

Nidhi and Abhijeet Jaju are not content with resting on their laurels. Their vision is bold and ambitious: to complete 10,000 projects by the year 2030. With a dedicated team of 150 members and the capability to handle 100 end-to-end turnkey solution projects concurrently, they are well on their way to achieving this remarkable goal.

The couple's growth story is characterized by their relentless commitment to innovation and excellence. They understand that the key to success lies not just in designing beautiful spaces but also in delivering a seamless experience to clients.

Words of Wisdom to Aspiring Interior Designers

When asked about their advice to young, budding interior designers, Nidhi and Abhijeet Jaju offered a roadmap to success that is rooted in their own experiences. They believe that there are no shortcuts to achieving greatness in this field. Instead, they emphasize the following principles:


The journey of Nidhi and Abhijeet Jaju, from multinational corporations to becoming trailblazers in the interior design industry, is a testament to what vision, dedication, and innovation can achieve. Their story is not just one of creating beautiful spaces but also of inspiring the next generation of interior designers with their invaluable advice and wisdom. As Xclusive Interiors prepares to expand its reach and influence with the opening of its Hyderabad office in February 2024, one can only imagine the stunning designs and transformative spaces that lie ahead in their inspiring journey.

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