Indian Entrepreneur And Content Creator Sshubam Sharrma’s Deeshuumm Ventures Pvt. Ltd. -Helping Creators Build Their Source Of Income By Creating Engaging Content For Youtube

28 March,2023 05:28 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

India’s population has a very diverse taste in terms of streaming content on the most trending digital application, YouTube.

With millions of active users and subscribers, YouTube not only provides a platform to the creative circuit of India but also serves as a source of income for many.

Being the second-largest search engine after Google, YouTube helps bring people together through various interesting subjects and ideas. The Indian Population is known to consume all types of content that generates curiosity and provides entertainment at the same time.

Sshubam Sharrma is an Indian entrepreneur, content creator, and the founder and CEO of Deeshuumm Ventures Pvt. Ltd., an Internet media company consisting of multiple ventures under one umbrella. This also includes his content media company, which consists of more than fifty YouTube channels, of which forty-five generate content on the entertainment industry ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood, while other channels such as "Dhappanews" and "Newsyapa" are exclusively focused on delivering news bytes and shorts on a regular basis for the GenZ.

According to Sshubam, the Indian population connects easily with YouTube content that deals with either of the extreme ends. Just like the stories Indian movies sell, portraying a person as extremely righteous or totally immoral is the type of content that the Indian population is eager to stream. Apart from this, Sshubam states that India is a country where people are slowly gaining access to the internet, and since the audience is divided into segments, carefully choosing content is the key to keeping afloat on people*s YouTube feeds and garnering views.

He believes that the digital world is continuously evolving, and by creating high-quality, creative, and informative content, one can turn this into a lucrative source of income. Sshubam strongly believes that there are no tips and tricks for YouTube. All resources to learn are available on the internet, and he himself has learned every step from Google and YouTube rather than enrolling himself in a formal course or training.

The young content creator emphasises on the fact that one can earn money easily when they provide some value to people, and as the number grows, the money multiplies. Therefore, his company is engaged in creating such content that entertains and inspires people at the same time. He further states that creators on YouTube themselves explain the algorithm and process of editing, automation, and other aspects to grow their following.

Moreover, Sshubam expresses that YouTube is flooded with faceless content, which has only audio, and it doesn*t matter who*s reading as people are just interested in the news and content. On one hand, where creators have built their target audience, Sshubam*s company strategically plans and produces creative content that has a reach of 700 million impressions and 300 million views in just 365 days. He advises the aspiring content creators to focus on content and come up with ideas that enrich and add value to people*s lives.

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