Marian Esanu Talks About The Role Of Knowing Influencers For Creating A Highly Profitable Personal Brand

29 November,2022 06:45 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

The process of establishing and managing a personal brand is excruciating and confusing.

From understanding the needs of the target audience to keeping up with the trends on social media, the task of creating trend-worthy content is demanding. While aspiring entrepreneurs understand the basic requirements of building a brand, they fail to acknowledge the factors that make them financially profitable.

Marian Esanu is a podcasted for a highly-rated show "Momentum," a personal branding strategist, and an 8-figure entrepreneur who aims to guide a million people in being the best versions of themselves. In his book, "Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook For Building A 7-Figure Personal Or Business Brand From Scratch," he talks about the importance of knowing the influencers in the industry. Additionally, he also highlights the ways to repurpose viral content to carry the message of a person*s personal brand.

As per Marian Esanu, the first step to creating a personal brand that captures the attention of the audience is knowing what the brand is about. Through surveys, people must understand the features or offerings of their brand that appeals the most to their customers. With this information, implementing the next step becomes easy. It includes finding the top global influencers in the industry and looking at their published content with the most engagement.

These posts can help in two ways. Firstly, people can repurpose these content pieces to include their message and opinions. This will create authority for their personal brand while increasing their organic reach with the support of viral-worthy content. Once this is done, the third step is creating high-quality free content containing the information needed by the target audience. These steps are the secret tips which Marian Esanu swears by for his success as an entrepreneur. Recently, he received an 8-figure award during the Funnel Hacking Live event by Clickfunnel.

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