New cryptocurrency project of Dubai ‘Aarma Coin’ launches its NFT marketplace for digital financers

11 July,2022 04:43 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

Aarma Coin, a recently launched cryptocurrency project, has announced the launch of its own NFT marketplace, an E-commerce platform with a utility portal.

Aarma Coin is one of the most promising cryptocurrency Projects in 2022 that is registered in Dubai, UAE. It will be a one-of-a-kind NFT project at the intersection of blockchain that will be casting its own NFT marketplace, e-commerce platform, and utility portal, along with Aarma wallet, a gaming portal, and blockchain in December 2022. The platform that is built on blockchain technology has an immense in-house technical team that comprises many Crypto connoisseurs.

Aarma Coin will be launching its Aarma Wallet in July 2022 with an extensive roadmap planned ahead of it. Post the launch of Aarma Wallet, they will provide 16,800 NFTs on its platform along with the shopping portal and utilities in the month of August and in September, it will release an exchange and test net blockchain followed by the launch of its NFT marketplace in October 2022. Later, in November, Aarma Coin will introduce a blockchain node pursued by an integral working blockchain in December 2022. Crypto collectors can buy Aarma Coin from Coinsbit and Pancakeswap, which are some established modern-day platforms to carry out digital currency transactions. Aarma Coin is listed on some top digital currency market analyzers like Coinmarket Cap and Coingecko. Aarma Coin ranks at 32nd position in the wallet application with more than 25 Lacs smart contracts.

Talking about the promising platform Aarma coin, the founder of Aarma Coin said, "Aarma Coin will demonstrate itself as one of the most trustworthy NFT and cryptocurrency trade markets. This market will be an on-chain protocol integrated place that will allow its users to buy, sell, and create their own non-fungible tokens from various networks. We await an extremely talented team of developers, artists, and designers to join us and mint their own NFT collectibles with an easy-to-use creator dashboard. Our team plans to develop a next-generation NFT community for digital assets and remain one of the most promising Crypto and NFT marketplaces."

Aaram Coin also aims to build a multi-dimensional project powered by blockchain technology that will help its users all across the world to interact in a simulated way. It has various attributes that will strike financial mongers or NFT enthusiasts. To build a strong community, Aaram Coin is focussing primarily on creating several virtual potential tokens with wallet, and a premier marketplace to exchange digital collectibles. It is emerging as one of the most trustworthy platforms for cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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