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Ruhaan Rajput's Latest Chhattisgarhi Album Set to Rock the Music Charts

07 June,2023 02:57 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

The entertainment sector has witnessed significant progress in recent years, with artists receiving immense appreciation from the audience for their artistic talents.

Amidst the many actors who have made a mark in the industry due to their influential backgrounds, there are a few exceptional artists who have carved a niche for themselves solely based on their talent and abilities.

One such remarkable artist is Ruhaan Rajput, who has garnered recognition in the industry for his exceptional acting skills. Having appeared in numerous songs and web series, Rajput is now all set to captivate the public with his upcoming album song. The song, titled "Superhit Chhattisgarhi," is helmed by the experienced director Pushkar Sahu. Alongside Rajput, the talented actress Ishika Yadav will also be seen in this album.The album is all set to release on 20th June. Rishi Tripathi has lent his melodious voice to the song, while the concept and story have been brilliantly penned by Tushar Solanki.

Beyond his acting pursuits, Ruhaan Rajput is also a Co-Founder and Director of Einfolge Technology , Bangalore based company. Balancing his professional responsibilities with his artistic endeavors, Rajput has demonstrated his versatility and passion in every field he ventures into. A glance at Rajput's previous works reveals his exceptional growth within a short span of time, exemplifying the importance of dedication and passion in the journey of becoming an accomplished actor, rather than relying solely on external connections.

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