“Solo parenting can be tough but also rewarding”, says single dad and lawyer Nachiket Dave

07 February,2023 04:16 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

People frequently criticise the ability of a single father, but Rishaan`s father, Nachiket Dave, has transcended all of these prejudices. Nachiket is a hardworking lawyer and a single parent, but his work hasn`t kept him from being a hands-on father.

Societies that are perpetually expanding have complex adaptive rules and regulations. The diversity of gender roles, in which both genders have subdivided boundaries and inflexible preconceptions, is one of the numerous changes we can see with time. We have indeed been socialised to believe in gender-specific roles, such as the idea that moms are the ones who nurture and fathers are the individuals who provide. But how can you implement the obligations and rules of parenting when there is just one of them? Parenting is challenging in and of itself, and being a single parent has a unique set of difficulties. Just one parent for the kids. But examples of individuals who defy these stereotypes are frequently observed. One such tale of a father*s ever-expanding and strengthening relationship with his 8-year-old son Rishaan is an example of this fluidity.

People frequently criticise the ability of a single father, but Rishaan*s father, Nachiket Dave, has transcended all of these prejudices. Nachiket is a hardworking lawyer and a single parent, but his work hasn*t kept him from being a hands-on father. Indeed, both father and son have mastered the art of working together. For instance, completing schoolwork and attending other extracurricular activities has provided a chance for them to connect. Nachiket makes every attempt to be a steady figure during his son*s formative years, which includes taking trips and showing up to parent-teacher meetings. Even though being a single parent might be challenging, nothing compares to the thrill you get when you watch your child beaming. "I yearn to be with my son as much as possible", Nachiket claims that being in his son*s company is the finest stress reliever for him.

He freely acknowledges that being a present and loving single parent to his kid, who was about three years old when a divorce upended their family, involves compromises. Even though Nachiket*s mother relocated to be closer to her grandson and help out, a parent*s influence cannot be replaced. Sharing his take about being a single parent, Nachiket Dave states, "It is a difficult task to manage work and take care of the child. It generally takes more than one person to assist with everything from helping the kid with the school to attending PTA meetings and observing the kid*s demands to purchasing various stuff for the kid*s extracurricular activities but in my case, I undertake them singularly, and this does take immense effort. I do have the able support & assistance of my mother, yet the role of a single parent is challenging. However, the love I feel for my son, who is the most significant person in my life, takes care of everything else. When raising your child with the utmost love and in a supportive environment is your life*s mission, you do not cut corners, and one never leaves loved ones behind."

When asked further what, according to him, are the challenges faced by single fathers and how he handles them, he went on to add, "Often fathers are regarded as very busy and the ones who are less on emotions. But this is not true; a father*s love for his child is something very precious and unexplained. I have always made sure that my child gets the best of everything, but at the same time, he is not over-pampered. My parents have taught me the importance of honesty, discipline and Indian values, all of l which I constantly try to instil in my son. I firmly believe that every child comes with a message that God still has faith in humans, so it*s our duty to ensure that we keep God*s faith intact and strive to be good humans. Being a single parent, I do face many challenges, but the love I have for my son makes me overcome them, and every day I thank the almighty for my child*s love. He is not only my strength but also a support system which gives me immense power to fight every day with a smile on my face and love in my heart".

A father rarely has the chance to have custody of his child, and generally speaking, the world does not seem to recognise the contribution that fathers make. However, when the need arises, men are more than capable of raising children. Because they are protective and responsible by nature, males are good at handling unforeseen difficulties in order to care for and protect their loved ones. Men may rarely assert their parental rights, but some men gain our respect when they show incredible bravery in the face of difficulties. They deserve praise for setting an example. Although stories of single fathers are less common than those of single moms, Nachiket*s experience is worth mentioning since it illustrates how society is changing.

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