My teachers have taught me that patience and perseverance always do wonders in everyone’s life, says Sonu Sood

05 September,2022 02:14 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  Satish Sundaresan

He exclusively spoke to us about the importance of Teacher`s Day, amongst other things

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The pandemic saw the reel-life actor Sonu Sood turning a real-life hero. Besides facilitating the travel of the needy to meet their loved ones, providing free education, medical help and much more… Sood lent a helping hand to many. He was even nicknamed as ‘Messiah* in lieu of the help which he rendered during the pandemic.

Mid-Day Online caught up with Sonu Sood for an exclusive interview on Teacher*s Day. Since Sonu*s mother was a teacher herself, Sonu spoke about the importance of the day, besides jogging down memory lane.

Who was your favourite teacher in school or college and why?
My favourite teacher has always been my mother.

What is that one thing you have learnt from your teachers, that will remain with you forever?
I have learnt that, one should never lose patience and to be perseverant in life. My teachers have taught me that, patience and perseverance always do wonders in anyone*s life. These two factors are extremely important to reach one*s goals.

Which was your favourite subject and least favourite subject in school?
My most favourite subject was Mathematics of course, while the least favourite was Geography.

If you were not an actor, would you have become a teacher?
I would have surely done that. But, through the medium of ‘Sood Charity Foundation*, we are helping lots of students to pursue their education. This way, the dream of becoming a teacher is getting fulfilled even after becoming an actor.

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How were you as a student in school? Were you a front bencher or a last bencher?
I was good student, if not great. I was a last bencher during my ninth and tenth standard. I was always trying to do my bit. Since my mother was a teacher herself, there was no excuse for me to have secured less marks.

Have you ever been punished in school by your teachers?
Yes, many a times. Those times, the punishments used to be kneeling down outside the class. I had been punished this way do a couple of times during my school days.

Is there any punishment that you will remember for the rest of your life?
Yes! During my school days, three students (including me) were told to stand outside the class as a punishment. On the pretext of going outside the class, we simply vanished from there and went to watch a movie! We were called the next day and were given a good piece of scolding and beating for that. After that, we never dared to do anything of that sort!

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