Watch video! What would you rather...with Armaan Malik and Shalini Pandey

25 May,2022 09:19 PM IST |  mumbai  |  Natasha Coutinho D`souza

The duo played a fun game with

A still from `Nakhrey Nakhrey`

The *Nakhrey Nakhrey* couple Armaan Malik and Shalini Pandey not only opened up on the behind the scenes of the hit number but also played a fun round of, what would you rather... with

When asked to choose between giving up sweets or spicy food, Armaan said, "Spicy food! I like spicy food but I cant give up on sweets, I have a big sweet tooth. Just last night I had a lot of Nutella. I diet the entire day and then eat something sweet before going to sleep, one Gulab Jamun or Nutella or some sweet. I love sugar!"

Shalini says, "I cant choose one. I*ve grown up eating spicy food."

Asked to describe the perfect date Armaan said, "On the beach with a picnic basket, lots of marshmallows, snacky food and music. Just the two of us on the beach!"

Watch video to know more!

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