Karan Kundrra: Tejasswi and I are the same way you saw us in Bigg Boss, bas aur bigad gaye hai I Exclusive

30 October,2023 09:16 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Athulya Nambiar

Karan Kundrra will be hosting the Indian adaptation of the reality show Temptation Island. In an interview with Mid-day.com, the actor imagined how it would be to participate on the show with his real life partner Tejasswi Prakash

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash

Key Highlights

Karan Kundrra will next be hosting the reality television show 'Temptation Island'. It is the Indian adaptation of one of the world's biggest reality formats which will see couples agree to live with a group of singles of the opposite gender, to test the strength of their relationships. While shooting for the show on an island, Karan Kundrra wished to have his partner Tejasswi Prakash around him. So, when asked what it would be like if he and Tejasswi were participants in the show, he told mid-day.com, "We have already done a captive reality show and our relationship has suffered a lot of torture there. We have been through the test. Many people have tried to break us, many have also given us love. We have gone through all that and we have understood that we are strong for each other and that is why we are still going strong. It has been 2 years since I asked her out inside Bigg Boss and it has only gotten stronger. So, I don't think we need Temptation Island."

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi met inside Bigg Boss 15 as participants and developed a great bond that soon turned into a romantic relationship. Both the actors have a massive fan following with fans having a deep interest in their relationship. Fans love to get a glimpse of the couple together and are quite invested in the relationship. "I don't think Tejasswi and I are very open. It's just that hum jaha jaate hai pakde jaate hai (we get caught wherever we go). Like when we enter the cinema hall, we get caught for that two minutes outside the theatre or at the airport when we are travelling. Apart from that, the time we spent together is not public, and we both would like to keep it like that. Both of us are aware that we have our own legacies behind us, we are both actors but at the same time it doesn't reflect on when we are together. When we are together, I am a man and she is a woman, and our problems are like any other normal couple and it is quite silly also. We don't bring our work into our relationship but of course, we guide each other and are there to talk to each other and fight with each other. We are the same way you saw us in Bigg Boss, bas aur bigad gaye hai(laughs)(We have spoilt each other even more)," he said.

As for the show, Karan revealed that Temptation Island has been in discussions for two years now. The actor who has hosted several reality shows believes he is not just a host. "I think my approach, before and after, captive reality shows is something that has completely changed me and my perspective towards people. I understand human nature better, how they react and why they react and what is the real reaction and what is the reaction based on pressure from who are watching us and what is my image. Keeping up an image on a captive reality show last for a week to ten days. Whatever you have earned for yourself, the seniority, all of that is forgotten. True self comes out because that is how the show is designed. Having experienced it myself, I have a better understanding why a person is reacting the way he is reacting because I was once in that situation myself. How to manage it and guide is not what host does but here I am doing it. My approach to this social experiment is very different."

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