'Young Sheldon' makers load set with Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans in season finale that marks return of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bilaik

19 May,2024 10:00 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

Young Sheldon has come to an end after seven seasons. The series finale also saw the return of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bilaik

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After seven glorious seasons, 'Young Sheldon' has come to an end. The finale episodes were dropped last Thursday. The finale episodes touches on George Cooper's death and the family dealing with the loss as Sheldon sets out for Caltech. The finale episode also saw the return of Big Bang alums Jim Parson and Mayim Bialik who played Sheldon and Amy in 'The Big Bang Theory'. While Geroge's death was known to all, as it was mentioned in 'The Big Bang Theory', it still got fans of the show emotional.

Incorporating Jim and Mayim's cameo as Sheldon and Amy was not an easy one. Theirs was an awaited cameo but the makers wanted to surprise the audience with more than just a regular cameo of the duo. Their appearance and role in the finale episode 'Memoir' gave shape to the entire show and the reason behind older Sheldon narrating the series.

Talking about Jim and Mayim's extended appearance in the season finale, executive producer Steve Holland told Variety, "We decided we wanted to use them as more than just a cameo at the end because we figured that also might be a thing more people expected and it might be able to catch them off guard. Even though they know they're in the episode, but then you cut to them right in the cold open. I think we found a really good balance for that. Maybe some people expected to see them, but is there a way to still do it and maybe surprise people a little bit? So that's really nice to hear."

Holland also stressed that the series is about older Sheldon who now has kids with Amy and is looking back at his growing up years in Texas in a different light. Sheldon was never emotionally intelligent with his peers and found it difficult to comprehend complex human emotions. However, with time, he has grown to understand the people around him better if not completely, which gives him a different perspective about his family.

Holland says, "In our thought, this is what Sheldon's been doing the whole time, and that's also why we're seeing a slightly different version of his dad than he talked about on "Big Bang Theory." And that last sort of voiceover in the funeral episode where he says he was unfair to his dad for a long time - we talked a lot about that. That's also maybe some way of Sheldon dealing with his grief about his dad as a young adult is to focus on the bad things. But now that he's older and has kids of his own, he realizes how unfair he's been to his dad over the years. So that's a little bit of the conception of the show - that older Sheldon with kids is looking back on his family in a slightly different light than he did in his early twenties."

Holland also revaled that they revisited the sets of The Big Bang Theory to pick some stuff that would make up Amy and Sheldon's home with their kids. The home also includes some stuff from 'Young Sheldons' set. "We loaded the set with little nods and Easter eggs and things from the apartment and things from "Young Sheldon" and from "Big Bang." We didn't want it to distract from the scene that's going on but maybe if people go back and freeze-frame afterwards, there's a lot of little hidden things decorating that set. It was really fun and emotional, actually, to pull those things back into our world," he revealed.

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