Women at a higher risk of vertigo due to a lack of awareness: Health expert

20 September,2023 06:55 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

Vertigo, characterised by dizziness, spinning sensations and loss of balance, can disturb one’s entire routine and have a negative impact on their daily life

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In a startling revelation, medical experts have raised concerns about the increasing prevalence of vertigo, a debilitating balance disorder, primarily affecting women due to a lack of awareness surrounding this condition. An alarming number of individuals, especially women, are suffering silently, unaware of the available treatments and support. To shed light on this critical issue, Dr Sushrut Deshmukh, ENT specialist, Apollo Spectra Pune, emphasises the importance of awareness and early intervention.

Vertigo, characterised by dizziness, spinning sensations and loss of balance, can have a profound impact on one's daily life. It often leads to falls, accidents and a diminished quality of life. Women, in particular, are at a higher risk of developing vertigo due to hormonal fluctuations and other factors.

Deshmukh says, "Vertigo is not a fancy term; it's a condition where you feel like you or your surroundings are spinning when you're actually not moving at all. Think of that disorienting sensation when you step off a merry-go-round. Vertigo is like that, but it can happen at any time. It can make you dizzy and even cause falls. Imagine trying to lead a normal life when the ground beneath you feels like it's dancing."

The lack of awareness regarding vertigo symptoms and available treatments is a concerning trend. Many individuals mistake their symptoms for temporary discomfort, delaying necessary medical attention. Moreover, there's a surprising gender gap which Deshmukh has noticed as something unsettling in his practice - more women seem to be dealing with vertigo than men. Why? It's partly because of hormonal changes, which can mess with the inner ear, our body's balance centre. Pregnancy, menopause and even birth control can play a role.

Deshmukh adds, "When I see so many women struggling with vertigo, it worries me. People think it's just a passing inconvenience. They don't realise that it can be managed and treated. Many don't even realise they have it. Awareness is our best defence. If you're feeling dizzy often, don't ignore it. It might be vertigo that can be treated."

Deshmukh urges everyone, especially women, to pay attention to their bodies and the signs it gives. If you're experiencing dizziness, spinning sensations, or unsteadiness, don't brush it off. By spreading awareness about vertigo, we can help individuals suffering in silence regain control of their lives and find the support they need.

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