IN PHOTOS: Follow these 6 trekking routes in the Western Ghats this monsoon

As the monsoon teases and threatens to arrive, three serious trekkers list their favourite routes to conquer peaks of the Sahyadris

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The Aadrai forest located in Malshej Ghat passes through a jungle that promises breathtaking views of the Kalu waterfall. As one navigates the trail, they will encounter other cascading waterfalls

The Devkund waterfall is nestled deep in a forest; the waterfall offers a spectacular display of nature’s force. The journey to the waterfall takes approximately three hours from the base, covering nearly five kilometres of walking (one way) with views of diverse flora and fauna. The total time for this moderate trek is about six hours. Its highlight is the magnificent waterfall

The Kalsubai trek is of moderate difficulty level and takes you to the summit of Maharashtra’s highest peak (1,646 meters) and also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, including the Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bhandardara dam. To ensure the safety of trekkers, three large ladders have been installed along the trail, making the climb more secure and accessible. The ascent typically takes around four hours, and the descent follows a similar time frame. It takes eight hours to complete the trek

The Tung fort is also known as Kathingad, owing to the steep access to the fort (Kathin: difficult in Marathi and Hindi). It is a popular trekking destination near Lonavala for a trek in the Sahyadris that is moderate level. The conical peak is a distinct feature and the fort can be recognised easily from a distance. The starting point is the Tungwali village. There are multiple routes to reach the fort. The most common one is a well-defined trail that starts near the village and leads you uphill

This 18th century Manikgad hill fort in ruin — built by Maratha naval chief Kanhoji Angre to oversee the trade route from Maval to the coastal ports — stands testimony to the architectural foresight of the Maratha Empire. Look out for a big rock-cut tank called the ‘Darya Take’. The moderate to difficult level trek starts at Vashivali village, 25 km from Panvel

The trek starts from Ambewadi in Karjat, and ends in Matheran. Beginning from the fields of this village, it takes trekkers through lush forests to the finishing point, which is a hill with one tree. The views are spectacular, with the massive Morbe dam on the east, and Irshalgad and Prabalgad forts to the west. Post lunch, head to Dasturi from where Neral station is accessible via taxi. The distance of this trek is six kilometres. Overall, the trek is easy to moderate level

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