IN PHOTOS: The hidden adventures of wildlife rescuers in India

Often wildlife gets stuck in arduous situations like falling in a well, getting hit by a car or electrocution. That is where these brave wildlife rescuers jump in and risk their lives to save them. Not only do they nurture and rehabilitate them but also enable them to return to the wild again

Updated On: 2023-05-19 10:41 AM IST

Compiled by : Ainie Rizvi

Each year, March 3 is celebrated as the World Wildlife Day internationally. We have sourced the unseen action of wildlife rescuers from Maharashtra. Photo Courtesy: RESQ

An Indian Gaur had fallen down a dry well near Mahabaleshwar in 2022. The wildlife rescuers from RESQ, a Pune-based welfare organisation arrived on time to save the animal. The rescuers climbed down the well to fix the lifting straps around its body. The straps were connected to the crane and the Gaur was pulled out and rescued successfully

Indian Pangolin undergoing treatment at the RESQ Wildlife Transit Treatment Centre, Pune after being seized from illegal trafficking by the Pune Forest Department. As per The International Union of Conservation of Nature, Pangolins fall under the endangered category of globally threatened species

Rusty Spotted Cat undergoing medical examination by a veterinarian at a medical center in Pune. Here the cat is rehabilitated, fed and released back into its natural habitat after full recovery

Rescue team rescuing a chausingha (Four-horned antelope) that had fallen down a well in Satara. Inside a confined space, there is no scope of error in pulling out the animal as it is already scared and tries to run away. Rescuers approach the animals sensitively to avoid any further damage to the animal

A mouse deer fawn under orphan rehabilitation at the Transit Treatment Center in Pune. Here the mouse is given a fluid diet till they recover fully

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