Mumbai gardeners share tips to take care of houseplants during monsoons

While we all love monsoons, plant parents would agree about the havoc rains cause on houseplants. With monsoons advancing, Mumbai-based gardeners and nursery owners suggest ways to take care of plants at home

Updated On: 2023-06-14 11:43 AM IST

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These tips will grant our green friends a fresh lease of life before the rains arrive. Photo Courtesy: iStock

It breaks our hearts to spot torn leaves, broken pots and rotten roots after having tended to a small garden for at least six months. Also, the space constraints in the city add to these difficulties. But what can we do?

Prevention is better than cure. While one can’t always be prepared for natural calamities such as a cyclone or hurricane, it is best to move lanky, broad-leafed plants to indoor corners when strong winds blow. Photo Courtesy: Srinivas Kulkarni

If you have flowering plants at home, you are not new to the menace of mealybugs. Bugs can be avoided by keeping excess moisture at bay. Try to incorporate temporary shades to protect your plants from direct splashes. Clean mealybugs on a daily basis using a cotton swab and some water and soap. You can also choose other solutions such as neem oil or isopropyl alcohol to tend to the affected parts.

Gardeners caution caregivers against root rot. It is essential that you check the soil before watering the plants. The soil, during the rainy season, takes more time to dry up — sometimes, three to four days. Cut back on watering to prevent root rot and the development of fungus.

When it gets windy, tall plants tend to bend over and snap. You can tie plant stems to their nearest support — a grill, a metal extension or to a sturdy branch firmly set in the pot.
Inputs from gardener Chetan Soorenji and plant nursery owners Angud Bhalla and Komal Garg

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