5 places to get the biggest pizza in Mumbai

24 January,2023 11:10 AM IST |  New Delhi  |  Sammohinee Ghosh

With an American restaurant chain attempting to make world’s largest pizza ever, we list out the local outposts that dish out huge pizzas

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All in a name

Are you someone who - apart from the size of a dish - is also piqued by its name? Monster Pizza awaits you with a wide-ranging menu comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

At: Unit 6, Alpine Industrial Estate, Marol
Call: 8454086661
Cost: 18-inch veg pizza starts at Rs 709
18-inch non-veg pizza starts at Rs 809

Freshly baked sumo circles

This pizzeria classifies its pizzas into small, medium, large, jumbo, and sumo pizzas that are 26 inches in size. Choose from five kinds of toppings, veggies and dips including the chef*s special firehouse sauce.
At: Shop 2, Raghavji Building, Tardeo
Call: 9594935199
Cost: Jumbo pizzas at Rs 1,099, Sumo pizzas at Rs 1,799

Variety on a plate

La Pino*z serves delish circles with a maximum diameter of 24 inches. Their massive offerings are available in unique flavours and ingredient pairings.
At: Across outlets in Borivali, Andheri, Santacruz and Mulund
Call: 7490044444
Cost: 24-inch pizzas
Start at: Rs 1,250

Width of the matter

At Pizza Castle, the dough expands in width and not just in its diameter. They serve double-decker options of the dish across the varieties listed on their menu. Choose any pizza and make it more scrumptious by asking for an extra deck at an added cost.
At: Outlets in Wadala, Matunga East and Mahakali Caves
Call: 8591186565
Cost: 12-inch double-decker starts at Rs 536

Life comes full square

No Indian is unaware of the thali concept. Circle Cafe has fit in tasty pizzas into the structure of a thali. The non-veg thali comprises chicken hariyali pizza, Mexican and square*s pizza special.
At: K 17, Old Sonal Industrial Estate, Malad
Call: 7208008891
Cost: Non-veg pizza thali at Rs 1,799; veg pizza thali at Rs 1,499

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