Sign up for a workshop and try your hands at Mexican folk art this weekend

28 November,2022 10:12 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  The Guide Team

Learn a new art form that has its roots in the vibrant landscape of a Central American country

A Mexican folk art painting

Any contemporary art form has the power to encourage aficionados to either feel a sense of excitement, calm, relaxation, or energy. A workshop themed on Mexican art will be organised by Tao Art Gallery that is part of the #EducateForArt initiative, and aims to offer similar experiences to participants.

Mexican folk art, also called Artesania, has its roots in Oaxaca that is famous for its traditional influences. One of the key characteristics of this art includes brightly coloured paintings that put special focus on flora and fauna.

Trishna Patnaik

"We want to bring people closer to art rather than have them think that this is a niche idea meant for a particular kind of audience only. It is meant for everyone. We want to accelerate the practice of art, visually, mentally, and physically," explains workshop facilitator Trishna Patnaik. This art form gives participants a chance to connect with and relate to the animals they have in their lives - like a pet, fish in their aquariums or any reptile they might have come across, she elaborates.

After attending this fun art session, participants will not only leave with their own brightly coloured Mexican folk art paintings, but will also know how to combine theory with hands-on experience. With no specific rules apart from certain guidelines given by Patnaik during the workshop, the opportunity will offer attendees an artistic visual experience where they don*t need to stick to the rules of realism. "Participants will be free to use as many colours as they want in one painting and can still make it look dynamic and vibrant, which is magical," she signs off.

ON December 3; 11 am to 2 pm
AT Tao Art Gallery, Worli.
COST Rs 2,000 (inclusive of art materials)

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