Learn about the history of brewing craft beer at this interactive workshop

28 January,2023 09:47 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Shriram Iyengar

Learn about the nuances and history of craft beer through a sensory and interactive tasting session

A participant pours beer at a previous tasting session

Ever wondered how much foam is too much foam on your beer, or the difference between an IPA and Belgian ale? An interactive craft beer appreciation workshop in Bandra this weekend might be a good place to start. Raunak Munot, who is overseeing the event, defines the interaction as a way to understand the nuances between hops, millet and barley-influenced beers and the craft of brewing.

Munot says, "We will guide people through the brewing of craft beer, but we will do that in a fun and interesting way." Over the course of the session, participants will be taken through the history and science of brewing craft beers, the ingredients involved in the process; they also learn to tell the difference between the many brews on offer. Throw in some delicious palate cleansers and appetisers, and it is a good way to spend your late Sunday afternoon before the hustle for the week begins. Munot shares that the session will encourage participants to use their senses of smell, taste and touch to understand how each ingredient transforms and influences the flavour of the beverage.

Raunak Munot

Increasingly popular among the millennial audience, Munot says, the curation focussed on a holistic and interactive approach. "Our brief for the session was clear in that it had to be for beginners as well as for people who are slightly more involved in craft beer. These are beginner-level experiences, but the experts at the session possess the expertise to answer any questions," he says. In addition to tasting, enthusiasts can go behind the bar and learn the technique to pour the perfect glass. "You can learn to do it the right way, so as to ensure there is just one inch of foam at the top. If it is perfect, that pint is on the house," Munot adds. Now, that*s a challenge worth taking up.

On: January 29; 4 pm
At: Veranda, Pali Hill, Bandra West. Log on to insider.in
Cost: Rs 1,600

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