This psychology podcast helps navigate yours 20s

26 November,2022 08:35 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  The Guide Team

A podcast by an Australian helps navigate the bends and turns of this decade

The podcast series addresses imposter syndrome

When you enter your twenties, chances are you will find yourself riding a rollercoaster of incidents, emotions and experiences. You*ll be old enough to make good decisions but young enough to make bad ones. Psychology of your 20*s is a podcast that tries to highlight the same through valid reasoning and relatable content. The intent is to un-complicate these complicated years by easing into weird and wonderful experiences that show up.

Jemma Sbeg. Pic/Instagram

It*s hosted by Jemma Sbeg, a psychology graduate who discusses the psychology of significant life events, mental phenomena, and possible situations that occur to those who are living out this decade. Each episode helps disclose the psychological impact of events, ranging from imposter syndrome to the sting of a first breakup, loneliness, rejection and identity.

It tries to explain challenges, including how one is expected to be a grown-up, earn a living, make decisions and handle the consequences. This podcast can be an effective tool to help realise that energies should be spent to build the new rather than fighting the old, and that failure is a part of life. There*s a lot to soak in, including relationship advice, moving cities and how to love every moment along the ride. Here*s a friendly aide to tell you that twenties are a time to make a mark, make a stain, make something.

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