How this new educational space in Santacruz promises to be interactive for children

06 June,2023 08:29 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Aditi Chavan

A new educational and interactive space in Santacruz West offers an exciting option for parents on the lookout for stimulating ideas for their kids

Yashvi checks out the imagination mirror that reflects a distorted image of hers. The museum has a no-footwear policy across the space to maintain hygiene. Shoes are safely kept in the compartments near the reception area beside the elevator. Pics/Ashish Raje

If parents living in Mumbai have one collective complaint, we are sure it would be about the lack of engaging and stimulating spaces for their children. Andheri-resident Meera Sheth felt a similar void when she was cooped up at home with her four-year-old son during the several lockdowns. That's when the idea for Playseum Children's Museum struck her. After working on plans and concepts for a year with a team of experts from around the world who came on board for this project, the former marketing employee is set to open an ‘edutainment' space for children tomorrow. Curious to learn more about it, we head to this museum that's located on the seventh floor of a glass building in Santacruz West.

Accompanying us is eight-year-old Yashvi Mahesh who hums along Elsa's popular track, Let it go that is playing in the background when we step in. A narrow archway leads us to a 6,000 sq ft area that is divided into a play area and a small cafeteria near the entrance of the archway. Our focus is on the play area that is made up of 12 exhibits and 30 activities. With a capacity to accommodate 80-90 kids along with two adults each, the area takes them through one activity at a time.

Meera Sheth

Although the space is small, it is smartly-designed with different sections that split activities to ensure the crowd is divided across the area. Under the guidance of trained floor assistants, the 90-minute session begins at the donut slide and trampoline. The adjacent palaeontology section is where the edutainment experience begins. Yashvi attempts every activity, giving us her three best picks from the experience. And after all that activity, when hunger strikes, Sheth assures us that the fare served at the cafeteria will include millets, fruits and veggies; there won't be any maida-based or junk food.

Playseum Children's Museum
Opens June 7; 11 am to 8 pm
At Playseum Children's Museum, 7th floor, DLH Mangal Murthi Building, Linking Road, Santacruz West.
Call 9819195777
Log on to
Entry Rs 1,100 on weekdays; Rs 1,200 on weekends (for a 90-minute session)

The Guide's Top 3 picks

Information about the water models are inscribed near them

1) The fun flow water system: Yashvi learns how the water system works through a miniature model that includes dams, water wheels and a small pond where she tries her hand at fishing with a magnetic fishing rope and tiny rubber fishes.
Scoreboard: 3/5

The cave also has placards containing information about fossils

2) Palaeontology cave: The sand area inside the cave gives the child a hands-on experience of excavating fossils with a set of excavation tools such as brushes available inside the cave along with a Stegosaurus bone puzzle that engages the mind in a fun learning activity.
Scoreboard: 3.5/5

A floor assistant helps children access the helicopter simulator

3) Helicopter simulator: The helicopter simulator allows Yashvi to learn how to fly a helicopter through a VR gaming experience that has different simulation options such as the dinosaur age to fly her chopper into.
Scoreboard: 3/5

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