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17 September,2021 06:57 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Maithili Chakravarthy

A curated at-home gin experience promises to make serving the spirit as interesting as it has been while ordering it at a tony bar

The kits contain gin-related paraphernalia and snacks

Gin has steadily gained a significant following in India, with many gin-inspired menus and exclusive experiences paired with food that elevate the spirit to another level altogether. During the lockdown, this drew more interest with entrepreneurs and start-ups planning all kinds of gin-themed tutorials and tasting sessions.

Food Talk is a platform that organises handcrafted dining experiences, where one of the founders, Anjali Batra, places her love for gin above all else with a specially curated experience. Their Gin Explorers Club’s Festival in a Box is a box filled with gin-related elements and fun items for those keen to dabble with the spirit. 

The box contains all kinds of party keepsakes and snacks, from Tanqueray’s Garnish Your G&T kits and ice trays to Jade Forest tonic water, Nongshim Ramen and a pack of playing cards. The box also contains coasters, recipe booklets, Beefeater tote bags and passion fruit syrups. While it doesn’t contain gin, which is the only element that you contribute, it comes with the promise of a relaxed evening because the kit is otherwise self-sufficient.

Anjali Batra

Batra shares, “We started the Gin Explorers Club four years ago, and have organised physical gin festivals in Delhi. While we were looking to expand the festival to other cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, the pandemic struck in 2020, and so we decided to retail these boxes online. Hence they’re called Festival in a Box. You can create flavoured gin and gin infusions in 24 hours and they make great DIY gifts as well. Gin lovers who follow us are a nearly 25,000-strong community today, and we have sold nearly 4,000 kits since October 2020.” The kits take seven to 10 days for delivery, so order in advance.

She adds, “Our current set of boxes includes paraphernalia that enables cocktails with gin to change colour and edible paints that mix with the gin cocktails. We are now planning festive boxes for Diwali and even glitter gin experiences.”

Till: September 20
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Cost: Rs 2,800 per box

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