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Uorfi Javed's make-up artists share tips on how to keep a fresh face in scorching heat

31 May,2023 08:33 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Tanishka D’Lyma

As the relentless humidity continues to factor into our beauty choices, two make-up designers who glammed Uorfi Javed teach us her secret to a fresh face

Uorfi Javed in bright and bold make up for an evening look (left) the actress nails the classic sun-kissed fresh look. You can also opt for orangish tints for day or night looks. Pics Courtesy/@urf7i

Uorfi Javed often sports a clean fresh make-up look that enhances her features. Glossy cheeks, pink or nude lips, and mascara that doesn't weigh down on the face; she knows how to sport a look, without it wearing her. Mumbai-based make-up designers Ishmin Kaur (@makeupbyishminkaur) and Viducci Agarwaal (@mua_viducci), who recently glammed Javed for a shoot, share cool tips for beginners on how to achieve this sun-kissed fresh face look that's perfect for the city unbearable hot and humid weather. "Opt for a look that leans towards matte because when you step outside and start perspiring, it will automatically translate into a dewy look," the duo tells us.

Everyday simple day look; (right) model Shelina Chauhan transforms her day look to a night-out glam. Pics Courtesy/ Keyur Shailesh Trivedi

But first, skincare. They add, "Uorfi takes good care of her skin. When you look at her, you know that the glow comes from within and under the make-up." This is evident; no one mistook the glow for highlighter.

Love thy skin

Prep your skin so that your make-up sits well and moves with your face. Here's a simple routine to start with.
>> Cleanser: Use a gentle cleanser twice a day to clean your pores.
>> Toner: This will help restore your pH balance and opens up your pores to better absorb the serum and moisturiser.
>> Moisturiser: Try a gel-based moisturiser instead of a cream or oil-based one for better absorption during humid weather conditions.
>> Eye cream: It helps you to hydrate the eyes and make sure you look fresh and awake.
>> Sunscreen: Pick a sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB rays. And don't forget to apply it on your neck, hands, feet and other areas exposed to the sun.
>> Lip balm: Complete your routine with plump moisturised lips.

Ishmin Kaur and Viducci Agarwaal

All day, every day

Go light on coverage, opt for pinks and oranges and don't forget to carry blotting paper to dab - not wipe - the sweat off.
Step 1: Skip the heavy foundation and opt for only concealer. Go over pigmented areas for a little coverage.
Step 2: Use your compact powder to matte-fy your face. It will also give you a less
coverage, reducing the need for foundation.
Step 3: Instead of powder blush for your cheeks, use cream blush to ensure your make-up doesn't cake and crack. This will give you an added dewy glow. It's more long-lasting than powder blush.
Step 4: Use the same cream blush for your eyelids and lips for a cohesive pop of colour. Pink and orange tints go well with Indian skin tones. Add a quick touch of waterproof mascara, and finish with lip gloss.

Night glam

Enhance your monochromatic day look for a night out. A few additions to it will get you ready, without going too make-up heavy and retaining the freshness of day look.
Face: For coverage, you can use a tinted moisturiser or
BB cream and still skip the foundation.
Eyes: Stick to the cream blush for your cheeks, but go for a slightly more dramatic look for your eyes. Black eyeshadow tends to get too heavy for a face on a humid evening. Instead, try brown cream eyeshadow and brown liner for a smokey eye. Don't miss your mascara and false eyelashes. Add
shimmer to your eyes for a dash of oomph.
Lips: Instead of dark and bold, go for bright and bold. Try dark browns or magenta if you want to stay away from a red lip. You can experiment with orange shades as well.

Get your essentials

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