Greener goals for Earth

18 September,2021 08:11 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Maithili Chakravarthy

An eco-conscious organisation will conduct a series of workshops to introduce people to ideas of a sustainable lifestyle with minimal waste

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With the threat of climate change looming over us, and where efforts are on to get countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, citizens constantly wonder what they can do to make a difference. The Hum Prithvi Se Workshops is conducting a series of 12 classes over six weekends, encouraging a green lifestyle, and could be a step in that direction.

Their focus is to guide participants in skills like composting, growing their own greens, and also to help them make personal care more eco-friendly. Some of the workshops will focus on greenwashing and hidden plastics, gardening basics and low-waste cooking. It will also seek to change the kind of products people use with a series focussed on DIY hair, body and oral care.

(From left) Founders Mehndi Shivdasani, Pooja Domadia and Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah, one the organisers, shares, “We have been living a low-waste life for six to seven years now, and after experimenting with it for ourselves, we wish to share what we’ve learnt. Manual scavenging, which our waste collectors do, isn’t the healthiest bet, and so we stress on the importance of segregating waste. Wet waste can then be turned into compost. Our DIY personal care series will enlighten participants on natural substitutes such as homemade soaps and shampoos.”

Another important workshop will focus on low-waste menstruation practices where participants will be taught how to move towards reusable products. For example, cloth pads and menstrual cups can reduce the impact of potentially harmful super-absorbent cotton pads on the environment. “I have reused cloth pads for years now, which is a good shift. The pads from the market often clog drains and waste workers have to physically remove it, which is an unhealthy practice,” reasons Shah. “In the name of convenience, we are moving towards an unhealthy lifestyle. We will emphasise on slow living, good health and concern for the environment,” she signs off.

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