This podcast brings stories from real life using an animated style

07 June,2023 08:43 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Devanshi Doshi

Our pick this time gives simple storytelling a cute, quirky and imaginative twist using animation

Story Time Animated is a daily podcast that tells real-life stories in a quirky, and animated style. Pic courtesy/

If you could be a Disney character, which one would you be? You can choose from Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Aladdin, Elsa, Snow White or - yourself. Yes, it is possible to live your life in an animated style. Our pick for this week's podcast, Story Time Animated, shows us how.

Story Time Animated is a daily podcast that highlights stories of people from across the world on its platform. It narrates these stories as if you're watching an animated show, except that these are real people telling real stories. Each character in the story speaks to appease with soothing voices and quick-witted and dramatised dialogues. Every situation is intensified with the right kind of music in the background that gets you hooked on a visceral level. The short episodes of eight to 10 minutes are full of entertainment. Our favourite episode is Mom Only Cares About Her Beauty by a girl from Australia.

This germaphobe protagonist has her reservations against her to-be-stepfather right from the moment when he leaves a mud trail all over her house from his shoes. That was the first time they met. His suspicious behaviour in their future encounters makes the protagonist probe into his life. One thing leads to another and her only chance at romance with a classmate is destroyed. No matter how much she tries, her mother will not hear a word against her fiancé - until a pink chihuahua comes to rescue all of them. Tune in to this podcast to listen to this light-hearted story and several others that will have you sitting on edge of your seat throughout and will leave you with many "aww"moments.

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