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28 January,2023 09:45 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Tanishka D’Lyma

Slip into a sweet afternoon at a guided chocolate-tasting session and transition into a flavourful world of this heady indulgence

Participants carry out exercises to experience a chocolate’s flavour

There are satisfying, sweet cravings and then, there is the unlocking of an entire world of flavour and appreciation for chocolate. Expect both at a session that promises to break the mould of a regular workshop by offering an interactive and informative chocolate-tasting experience. Mandar Bhosale, a chocolate connoisseur and professional taster, who we think has one of the best jobs in the world, will bring this sensory experience from Pune to Mumbai with a session called Confessions Of A Chocoholic.

Appreciation should always delve into the roots of the subject, and Bhosale will engage participants with stories and narrations about the history of cacao at the start of the event. The evening will then flow into information about the chocolate-making process, ingredients, identifying flavour profiles and sign off with chocolate meditation and questions.

Samples of chocolate at a previous event

Pune-based Bhosale shares, "It will help awaken the participants* palate to different flavours within pure chocolate using their senses of taste and smell and help them identify these flavours." They will be able to find notes of wine, raspberry, nuts, and woody tones present within pure chocolate without added flavours. Bhosale will also bust common chocolate myths. For instance, the common myth that dark chocolate is only bitter in taste and dark in colour. Indulge in over 10 varieties of milk, white and dark chocolates from Paul & Mike, Lindt, and other bean-to-bar and large-scale commercial platforms.

Mandar Bhosale

The session will not only help elevate the palate but also awaken your memories to help identify various flavours. "My vision for the workshop is to transition people from compound to pure chocolates, and introduce them to the finer flavours of the delicacy," Bhosale signs off.

On: January 28; 3 to 5 pm
At: KMC, 1st floor, Kitab Mahal, Azad Maidan, Fort.
Cost: Rs 2,500

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