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25 March,2023 09:49 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  The Guide Team

March is significant if we are to retrace the evolution of this city, for it was in this month, in 1668 when the Royal Charter transferred the Port and Island of Bombay from the British Crown to the Honourable East India Company at an annual rent of 10 pounds. To commemorate this event, we’ve drawn up a quiz to test your history

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1 Which British monarch entered India via a temporary structure that was erected as the Gateway of India in Bombay to attend the Delhi Durbar of 1911?
a. King George V
b. Queen Elizabeth II
c. Queen Victoria

2 Port Trust War Memorial in Ballard Estate was built to commemorate the contribution made by Indian soldiers who fought for the Empire in another land. Name the war.
a. Crimean War
b. First World War
c. Second World War

3 When the Victoria Terminus was completed in 1888, it served as the headquarters for today*s Central Railway. What was it known as at the time?
a. Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway
b. Royal Central Indian Railway
c. Great Indian Peninsula Railway

4 Which of these locations in today*s Mumbai were not names of the original seven islands of Bombay?
a. Parel
b. Worli
c. Byculla

5 The spire atop which of these churches in South Mumbai once served as a landmark for ships entering the Bombay harbour?
a. Afghan Church
b. St Thomas Cathedral
c. Holy Name Cathedral

6 Name the island that was connected to the main island of Bombay by a causeway.
a. Vasai
b. Sopara
c. Salsette

7 Which of these communities were original residents of seven islands?
a. Kutchis
b. Kolis
c. Wadias

1. King George V
2. First World War
3. Great Indian Peninsula Railway
4. Byculla
5. Afghan Church
6. Salsette
7. Kolis

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