Get strategic with your cleaning by using these Japanese hacks

28 November,2022 10:07 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Tanishka D’Lyma

After the Samurai Blue team left behind a clean dressing room and notes of appreciation after a FIFA win, we tap into the Japanese culture of tidying with tips and hacks

Marie Kondo. Pics Courtesy/@mariekondo

Remember when Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant, fascinated viewers with her Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo? It was an example of how Japanese culture values cleanliness as well as respect towards others. Walking the talk, last week, Japanese soccer team Samurai Blue cleared their dressing room and left notes of appreciation after their win against Germany at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Travelling supporters, too, stayed back to clear their zones in the stadium. While small acts of kindness and simple manners speak volumes, this writer does not consider clearing a room a small act. If you, like her, need help, here are cleaning hacks followed by the Japanese that will help you get the work done quickly and aesthetically.

The dressing room that was tidied up by the Samurai Blue team. Pic Courtesy/@FIFACOM

Start small

A room is quite a large tackle. Start with a corner and work in sections across a week instead of cleaning a whole room in a day. Begin with a few cupboards one day and the walls and fans the next.

Kondo props clothes vertically using the KonMari fold

Decluttering matters

Like Kondo teaches us, when decluttering, keep only the things that spark joy, or the things you use most often. And when you discard something, don*t chuck it out; thank the object for its use. This can helps us respect our belongings and build an appreciation for the things around us.

The KonMari folding method

Grouped in order

Keep similar items that belong together in one place, for instance, books on one shelf, and make-up on another. Use organisers to keep objects in order. Organising and categorising will also help you declutter better. You can easily find organisers that look alike and fit a space on the Internet or in a supermarket.

The vertical fold

Place your clothes, towels, and other apparel vertically in drawers. This way, you have a clear view of everything at once and can pull out what you need without crumpling other clothes. This will require the KonMari folding method where clothes can be propped up vertically in a shelf, bag, or box.

Top to bottom

When clearing dust, start with your fan, the ceiling, tops of cupboards and high shelves so that the dust that settles on the floor can be cleared off last. Planning and baby steps are key to sustainable practices.

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