Mumbai: This family’s Ganesha is never immersed!

27 September,2023 07:44 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Prasun Choudhari

Kandivli-based family has been collecting its idols for 14 years

The family’s collection of Ganesh idols

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For the past 14 years. Kandivli resident Yash Rajgarhia, 19, who is also known as Krishna, has refrained from immersing his family's Ganesh idols, collecting them at their home since he was five years old.

Following all rituals, the Ganesh idol is sprinkled with Ganga jal instead of being immersed in a water body and then kept at the family home. Yash feels this is a unique way to keep bappa near him. This year, the idol, which is said to be the tallest among household moortis, has been crafted by Krunal Patil - a well-known moortikar based in Khetwadi.

Yash Rajgarhia has been collecting the family's Ganesh idols since he was five years old (right) Anita Rajgarhia, Yash's mother

Yash has been fascinated with the Ganpati festival since he was two years old. "For the past 14 years, we have been keeping Ganpati at our place. It is the attachment towards bappa that made me think about the decision of keeping the idols at our residence," he said.

According to him, the family started by bringing small-sized idols and using decorations made of cane. "Eventually, we increased the size and this year the moorti is eight feet tall - the tallest among residential Ganpati idols in Mumbai," Yash added.

Yash has dedicated a room in his home to keep the idols. Each year, after sprinkling the idol with Ganga Jal, it is left covered with a cloth till Diwali, after which the cloth is removed and the idol is displayed in its full glory in the room, along with Ganesh idols from past years. "We cover the moorti with a cloth till Diwali after sprinkling Ganga Jal as an indication that the idol has been immersed. During this period, no one is allowed to see the moorti," Yash said.

"We supported Krishna (Yash) in his decision to not immerse Ganpati idols. According to the scriptures, the Idol needs to be calmed (cooled) after being installed by mantras, and Ganga Jal serves this purpose. We will continue our support," Yash's mother Anita said.

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