Gandhi Jayanti 2023: Exploring lesser-known facets of Mahatma Gandhi's life, personality

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Gandhi Jayanti 2023: Mahatma Gandhi`s, who was born on October 2, life was a tapestry of diverse experiences and principles. He is celebrated for his unwavering commitment to non-violence and his pivotal role in the country`s struggle for independence.

Mahatma Gandhi (center) in the company of women during his 1946 tour of the Bengal province

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Mahatma Gandhi, widely revered as the Father of the Nation in India, was born on October 2 and every year his birth anniversary is marked as Gandhi Jayanti. Mahatma Gandhi's life was a tapestry of diverse experiences and principles. He is celebrated for his unwavering commitment to non-violence and his pivotal role in the country's struggle for independence.

Gandhi's enduring influence continues to inspire individuals and movements worldwide to pursue justice, equality, and peace. While these aspects of his life are well-documented, there are lesser-known facets of his personality that offer a deeper understanding of this iconic figure.

1. Early Struggles and Transformation:
Gandhi's journey towards becoming the Mahatma was not without personal struggles. In his youth, he grappled with shyness and a fear of public speaking. However, his determination to overcome these obstacles led him to become a skilled orator and a charismatic leader. His transformation from a timid young man to a fearless advocate of civil rights is a testament to his resilience.

2. Spiritual Quest:
Gandhi was deeply spiritual and drew inspiration from various religious traditions. His encounters with different faiths, including Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam, influenced his philosophy of non-violence and unity. He believed that all religions had a common thread of truth and sought to harmonize their teachings.

3. Experimentation with Diet:
One of the lesser-known aspects of Gandhi's life was his experimentation with diet. He adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in his early years but went further by exploring fruitarianism and even fasting. These dietary experiments were not only personal choices but also reflections of his commitment to simplicity and self-discipline.

4. Champion of Women's Rights:
While Gandhi is primarily associated with the struggle for India's independence, he was also a staunch advocate for women's rights. He campaigned for gender equality and played a significant role in the empowerment of women in India. His efforts paved the way for women to participate actively in the independence movement.

5. Journalist and Writer:
Gandhi was a prolific writer and journalist. He edited several newspapers, including "Young India" and "Navjivan," in which he expressed his views on various social and political issues. His writings not only served as a platform for his ideas but also inspired millions to join the freedom struggle.

6. Environmental Stewardship:
Long before environmental consciousness became mainstream, Gandhi emphasized the importance of sustainable living and environmental stewardship. He promoted the use of khadi (handspun cloth) to reduce dependence on foreign goods and advocated for the protection of natural resources.

7. Dedication to Education:
Gandhi believed in the transformative power of education and was deeply committed to spreading knowledge. He established schools, including Tolstoy Farm in South Africa, to provide education to underprivileged children. His belief in the value of education as a tool for social change remains a legacy today.

8. Humble Lifestyle:
Despite his leadership role and immense influence, Gandhi maintained a humble and frugal lifestyle. He lived in simple communal ashrams, wore handspun clothes, and practised what he preached. His dedication to leading a life of austerity left an indelible mark on his followers.

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