Borude death mystery murder or sucide?

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Disgraced cop Arun Borude found dead in mysterious circumstances; cops unclear if it was a suicide, murder or an accidental death

Disgraced cop Arun Borude found dead in mysterious circumstances; cops unclear if it was a suicide, murder or an accidental death

Three months after making the headlines with his involvement in the rape of a minor girl, dismissed Senior Inspector Arun Borude*s sudden death has given the case a mysterious new twist.

Prima facie, it appears that an embarrassed Borude dismissed from the police service and a fugitive of the law that he swore to uphold may have decided to end his shameful life.

12.45 Arun Borude walks towards ward no 2 of the platform near Srirampur station. He jumps on the right face of the running train, rams his head on it and falls on the adjacent tracks

13.15 Locals at the platform see Borude lying near the tracks and rush to his aid. They find him alive and rush him to the nearby Kamgar hospital

16.00 Doctors decide to move Borude to a multi-facility hospital at Shirdi because of his critical condition. He dies on the way, however, and is declared dead at 4 pm.

However, the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death raise serious doubts about the truth of his suicide theory.

The first fact that is clearly startling is that while Borude chose to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train, his body was intact and no parts were cut or severed.

In previous suicide cases, it has been seen that the body of the deceased is cut into pieces.

Secondly, the motorman of the train does not remember running over Borude. He was completely unaware of the alleged suicide.

It has come to light that Borude hurled himself at the body of the moving train instead of lying under it.

The impact of the moving train threw Borude*s body back towards the tracks and he sustained serious injuries to his head and back.

Injured but alive

Borude*s bleeding body was lying on the tracks, and he was rushed to Kamghar Hospital.

However, as his injuries were grievous, doctors transferred him to a multi-speciality hospital in Shirdi. By the time Borude was brought to the Shirdi hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Sunil Kadse, additional SP of Ahmednagar, said, "We have registered a case of accidental death, as it cannot be called a suicide now. We are waiting for the postmortem report.

He was found lying on the tracks in a serious condition and was rushed to the hospital. Later while being taken to another hospital, he died on the way."

Yesterday, the police also filed a charge sheet against Borude and three others for rape, illegal confinement and under relevant sections of the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA).

The arrested persons include Shanta Gaikwad, Mohanchand Shyam and Satyanarayan Gupta. Borude and a fourth unidentified accused were absconding in the case.

Under pressure

Apart from his involvement in the case, police officials said that Borude knew much more than met the eye.
According to sources, several other senior policemen are also involved in the sex racket and Borude was privy to their activities.

"Had he surrendered or been arrested, he could have spilled the beans on the involvement of other officers as well. He could have been threatened and under pressure too," said a senior policeman, on condition of anonymity. The Powai police are probing the matter to ascertain the involvement of others in the sex racket.

Police negligence?

Mumbai police had managed to arrest the other accused from outside the city, but did not manage to catch hold of Borude. Police even went to his hometown in Ahmednagar, where he was staying. But the cops did not manage to arrest him.

Missing link
With Borude*s death, the name of the fourth accused in the minor*s rape case has also been lost. According to the FIR, four people, which included Borude, Shyam, Gupta and an unidentified person, raped the minor. This mysterious fourth person is believed to be very close to Borude andu00a0 is an influential person.
According to police, Borude was the only one who knew this man*s details, as even the victim was unable to identify him. Borude was said to be under constant pressure from that mystery man. Now, after his death, the mystery man could always remain a mystery.

Threat calls
According to sources, Borude was constantly receiving threat calls from a mysterious caller. Eyewitnesses revealed that prior to meeting his death on the tracks, Borude was seen talking on his cellphone. The investigating team has found Borude*s cellphone and is checking the call details to determine who was threatening Borude.

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