Neighbour's door encroaches on to my mother's doorframe

21 May,2010 01:35 PM IST |   |  Dr Vinod Sampat

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My 68-year-old mother is living in a cooperative housing society in Nerul. Her neighbour has installed an iron safety door, which is encroaching on her main doorframe. The society refuses to entertain my mother*s complaint as her neighbour is in good terms with the members. What should she do?
-- Omkar Wagle


Highlight the fact that she is a senior citizen. The High Court has also vide circular dated 5/08/2009 suggested to courts that on application of the parties matters of senior citizens should be taken up on priority basis. Also inform the society that the action can be initiated against the society if it fails to book the erring member.
I stay in a cooperative housing society in Mahim. I have given my one house on leave and licence and stay in the other house. In an AGM, the managing committee of the society decided that I would have to pay Rs 15,000 extra for maintenance. Can I challenge the society? -- Anil D*souza

You can issue a legal notice to the society stating that it has no right to misuse the powers vested in them. Despite a legal notice, if the charges are not removed, then you can certainly take action against the society and the managing committee members for deficiency of service.

I have purchased a flat at Gorai and I have applied for a loan as well but the society is not providing me an NOC for loan stating that the owner has not handed over the original documents (share certificates, society member list, balance sheet). I have already registered the flat. What can be done? -- Sushil Bhor

Request the society to resolve the issue amicably. Consult a lawyer and issue a notice to both the parties stating that the act of theirs is causing mental torture and inconvenience to you.

Having regards to the complexities of the facts, parties should recheck the advise with their lawyers.u00a0 The paper or the persons giving the information are in no way liable for the answers given to the readers.

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