No party drugs this New Year

31 December,2010 06:19 AM IST |   |  Ketan Ranga

Stringent patrolling, arrests and seizures have ensured that A-Grade drugs have all but vanished from the market; rates shoot up for those still available

Stringent patrolling, arrests and seizures have ensured that A-Grade drugs have all but vanished from the market; rates shoot up for those still available

Never before have the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) witnessed such success in breaking the drug mafia*s stronghold on the New Year*s party scene in the city.

In the last 16-odd months, raids and seizures of drugs worth Rs 9 crore have broken the backbone of smack suppliers.

Cops have arrested over 350 peddlers, including 48 foreigners during this period, and that has had a direct impact on the city*s New Year party circuit.

One can see a huge change in the scenario of the drug business leading to the shortage of the drugs and a steep rise in prices.
In fact, A-grade drugs like Cocaine, LSD drops and ecstasy are hardly available. Coke is found, but not in huge quantity, according to the sources.
Even the rates of cheap duplicates of A-list drugs in the market (see box) have shot up.

The main reason behind the scarcity of A-list drugs in the market is that cops have managed to nab the kingpin David Driham alias Dudu and his associates, who operated from Goa.
Not only is he behind bars, his chances of making bail are extremely slim. He, along with his drug cartel, was the main supplier of A-list drugs to Mumbai and Goa.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sunil Paraskar, Anti Narcotics Cell, said, "There have been 197 cases in the last 16 months and 354 people have been arrested.

Most of them are behind bars, including 48 foreigners still awaiting bail."

He added, "Also there has been a huge seizure in the last 16 months worth Rs 9 crore, leading to a halt in transportation of drugs.

All this has contributed to a great extent in making it difficult for the consumer to get the drugs. According to our sources, the rates of drugs have almost doubled."

A-list drugs

According to sources, drugs like coke, LSD and ecstasy have vanished from the market.

Though coke may be found, its market has been hugely affected due to the arrest of 35 Nigerians in the last 16 months. Meanwhile, procuring ecstasy is nearly impossible, though a cheap imitation is available in the market.
LSD is a preferred drug among the most elite class, owing to its high cost. But the ANC says that there is no peddler in the city who can source LSD this season.

Ganja Gul

There has been a huge seizure of hashish, ganja, and brown sugar in the last year and most of the arrested were caught transporting it from Jammu and Manali. Though these drugs are available in the market, quantity is very low.

Fear factor

According to the police, there has been a fear among peddlers as the police have been able to get more convictions and prevented several criminals from getting bail.

In the last five months, five trials have ended in convictions, which was never a case earlier. The prison term granted is at least 2 to 5 years.

Special watch

The Narcotics squad will be keeping a special watch at pubs and discos, especially where the DJs, who have been earlier arrested or accused of having been caught with drugs or drugs found in their parties.
Paraskar said that the places that are frequented by peddlers would be under watch. "The parking area and washrooms will be checked. Also the bouncers at the discos will be under our scanner."

Peddlers arrested
Total cases: 197
Total arrested: 354
Foreigners: 48u00a0
Nigeria: 35u00a0u00a0
Tanzania: 7
Ghana: 3
Nepal: 1
Iran: 1

Rs 9 crore
Worth of contraband seized in u00a0last 16 months, as compared to u00a0Rs 7.98 crore from 1998-2008

Escalated Rates
The rates of drugs do shoot up at this time of the year, especially for the 31st night, but this time it has far exceeded the routine premium.
Coke: One gram rates have been between Rs 2,500 and 4,000, depending on the quality. But the rates have gone up from Rs 6,000 to 8,000 and even more depending on the requirement.
Ecstasy: The original tablets are not available. The duplicates that were sold from Rs 1,500-2,000 have now crossed the Rs 3,000-mark.
LSD: It is available in less than half cm, which is far stronger than the above two. It is enough for two people for over 24 hours. It was available between Rs 800-1,000, but has gone past Rs 2,500.
Charas: 10 gram of Kashmiri charas available at Rs 1,200 has gone over Rs 2,000, while the best quality from Manali available from Rs 3,000-3,500 has gone up to u00a0u00a0Rs 5,000.

Doped Out


Number of drug peddlers put behind bars this year

612 kg
Amount of A-Grade drugs seized during raids in 2010

Number of foreigners caught transporting drugs

Rs 9 cr
Worth of drugs seized during raids in the last16 months

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